Big Brother UK 8 Day 6

Ziggy has the longest dinner in BBUK history, a course which each of the females.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

It’s Nicky’s birthday and she is called to the diary room to get some praise from BB in the morning. She can barley open her eyes.

Lesley is back in the diary room. She still wants to leave. She finds a lot of things very difficult to bear. She feels that she won’t get anything more by staying in the house. She feels that she will be marginalized by the audience.

Some of the girls notice that Lesley is missing her husband. Lesley agrees to stay for two more nights and reassess her situation. Lesley leaves the diary room crying. She hides her head underneath her blanket and cries. Nobody notices. Emily, in a sexy bikini, goes over and tries to comfort her. Lesley says that she is sniffing her mattress. Emily doesn’t understand and leaves.

Nicky and Charley made up and are pleasantly discussing their aforementioned differences about the meal scandal.

Ziggy says that he is Jewish when the talk dwells on religion. Nicky is talking about men, she has mentioned on multiple occasions that she hates men. She isn’t a lesbian, but she hasn’t found the right man. Shabs likes how Nicky says f*ck off in a relaxed way.

Ziggy is given a new task. Today, he is hosting a dinner party and he will receive each of the females for dinner.

Ziggy goes into the “dinning room” and waits for his guests. He starts out with Tracey. Ziggy isn’t sure that he will be able to eat 11 courses. Tracey is a cleaner in a private school. Ziggy says that she seems very happy with herself.

His second course is with Amanda. He says that both girls are a breath of fresh air. Shabs, Tracey and Charley are in the garden. Charley says they should skip dinner and just f*ck.

The other females are in the bedroom talking about Ziggy. Emily says that Chanelle is his type. Lesley says that Ziggy’s mom will probably overlook the fact that a girl isn’t Jewish if she’s a professional.

So far, Ziggy has spent 10 min with Tracey, 14 minutes with Amanda, and 17 minutes with Carole. Currently, he is dining with Lesley. Lesley asks Ziggy which girl he fancies. She thinks that Chanelle is probably the girl most his type, after you get around the WAG and Victoria Beckham nonsense. Ziggy agrees. His nightmare girlfriend would be Charley. Ziggy finds Emily also attractive.

Emily is next on the list. He had mentioned that he liked her ass before. Ziggy has no problems nominating. Emily says that she doesn’t get along that well with Charley. She finds Charley rude. Ziggy says that there is no substance. Then again, he says, maybe she is very insecure.

Ziggy asks Emily’s opinion about Shabs. Emily finds that Shabs is brownnosing Charley. Ziggy is talking with Nicky. He finds her a bit aloof and reserved. He tells her that this is actually a compliment, because she doesn’t need to flaunt her stuff around all of the time.

Meanwhile, Shabs is in the diary room. She says that she gets along very well with Charley. She hasn’t “gelled” yet with Emily. She can’t see herself in the BBUK house for more than three weeks.

Ziggy has been in the dining room for 5 hours.

The other girls are wishing Nicky happy birthday. Now, it’s Nicky’s turn to cry in the diary room. She misses her friends. She storms out and goes into the other bathroom to blow her nose. The other HM see that she has been crying. She goes to bed.

Most of the other HM are on the sofas. Charley joins Ziggy. He says that she is a high-maintenance girl. Charley says that she would like to learn from Ziggy how to relax more.

Charley likes Ziggy. Charley has got the hots for Ziggy. There is a bit of posturing between Chanelle and Charley. Charley has got a motor-mouth, she just keeps on blabbing. She says that he is a player and flirted with her.

Shabs asks Nicky that she has been thinking about walking out. Nicky tells her that she must not do that. Laura and Emily are in the steam pods.

Ziggy has been in the dining room for 8 hours. Chanelle is the last one to go into the dining room. He says that he has been looking forward to his date with Chanelle. He finds her very attractive.

He spent the most time with Nicky and Chanelle, about 50 minutes each.

Carole tries to do a cartwheel and she fell over. Ziggy saw this from the vestibule.

Charley is the last HM to go to bed at 4AM.

Tracey is pissed off at Shabs because she didn’t do any housework. Charley was singing. Tracey is getting even more annoyed.

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