Doctor Who S03E07 (BBC)

The Doctor is back after his two week absence because of the Premiership!

He’s actually been back for a few weeks, but I hadn’t watched the episodes yet.

This time, it’s alien parasites and a sun that are on his radar.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


The Doctor responds to a distress signal and lands on a ship that is going to crash into a sun. More accurately, it’s stuck in the sun’s gravity well and is being pulled in. Also, there is some sabotage.

There is some kind of solar parasite with them on the ship, trying to get to the sun. He has inhabited the Captain’s husband.

“Burn with me.”

It has already killed two of the crewmen. Martha is trying to open the doors to get to the engines, when she is ambushed by the parasite. They hide in an escape pod.

The captain confronts the parasite/husband and she is able to reach him for a few seconds before he tries burns her. The other mechanic dumps cryogenic material on it and destroys it. The parasite infected another crewman.

The parasite sabotages the escape pod and Martha is jettisoned with another crewmember into space. The captain destroys the other parasite thanks to the stasis chamber. The Doctor goes after Martha to try to save her. Martha calls her mom to say goodbye. Someone from Torchwood is monitoring the call.

The Doctor re-magnetizes the hull to pull the escape pod back and notices that something is alive on the sun’s corona. The Doctor is infected. The captain mined the sun for energy and killed its heart. The sun is alive. It’s an entity that has been harmed by the mining.

The Doctor tells the others to put him into the stasis chamber at -200°C. The captain’s husband gets back up and stops the cryogenic procedure to cure the Doctor of the infective parasite.

The captain corners the parasite and ejects herself with her husband into the sun. When Martha tells the crew to dump all of the fuel that they harvested from the sun, the ship is back under their control and the Doctor is back to normal.

The Doctor gives Martha the keys of the TARDIS. Martha gives a call to her mom. Torchwood is still there.

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