Doctor Who S03E08 (BBC)

The Doctor is human and has forgotten he is a timelord.

Will he ever be able to come back?

Who is chasing him?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Martha and the Doctor run into the Tardis. The Doctor asks Martha if they saw her. She isn’t sure. The Doctor tries to activate the Doctor’s time circuits but it doesn’t work. They are blocking him with stolen time technology. The Doctor hands Martha a watch and tells her that it’s all up to her.

The Doctor wakes up in the year 1913 and Martha is his serving wench. He thinks he is human. The Doctor is a teacher. The Doctor has a little accident and a nurse looks him over. He shows her his journal of his dreams and things. His journal is full of his travels as the Doctor.

A student seems to be a precog, able to predict the future. Outside, Martha is drinking with another chambermaid and she sees a strange light in the sky. The matron gets scanned by a green light before running away. They see what the Doctor calls a meteorite. Martha runs after it.

The light appears next to one of the students, who is out to get some hidden bear for his classmates. The light disappears and the boy goes after it. He is confronted by a strange green forcefield. It looks like it is hiding a ship. He finds a doorway and steps in. Martha arrives and finds nothing.

The student is talking to the life-form inside the ship. The student goes back to his dorm after something happened to him. The student named Jeremy is acting weird and the precog student is looking at him in a strange way.

Martha is riding her bike in the forest and she goes inside the Tardis. She has a flashback to what the Doctor told her and what happened in the beginning. He tells her that the watch is him. He says that the hunters are tracking him and they will find him. He says that he will become human and stop being a timelord. He used the chameleon arch to rewrite his DNA and become human. While Martha will just have to improvise.

He left a message for Martha. He says that everything he is was hidden in the watch. One it’s open, he will come back and they will be able to find him.

The precog opens the watch and the changed Jeremy knows that the Doctor is near. The precog steals the watch. Jeremy is told to activate the soldiers. The scarecrows come alive. The precog sees himself in a war. The other students ask the teacher if they can beat him up, he is daydreaming instead of doing his job. Mr. Smith (The Doctor) gives them permission to do so.

The matron is concerned about the future and the coming war. She saw something in Mr. Smith’s journals. He is walking with her and stops an accident from killing a child with a ball.

He asks the matron to go to the dance and there is a blooming romance developing between the two. The Doctor kisses the matron and Martha walks in on them.

The precog is playing with the watch. He sees that Jeremy is walking around in a strange way. The girl that was kidnapped by the scarecrows is there as well. They have been converted into hunters. The other chambermaid is converted as well.

Martha confides to her friend about Mr. Smith and the matron. Martha hints to the fact that he is a traveler. Martha tests her with a few simple questions, and notices that she isn’t the same. She was extremely curious about Mr. Smith. She fires a beam weapon at Martha.

Martha tells Mr. Smith that it’s time to open the watch. But the watch is gone. The matron tells Mr. Smith that the watch is gone. Martha confronts him with the sonic screwdriver.

Everybody is converging to the village hall. There is a standoff. The aliens are trying to make the Doctor reveal himself because they need a timelord, but he doesn’t remember anything and he doesn’t have the watch. The precog has the watch, though he is at the hall as well. The aliens take Martha and the matron hostage and threaten to vaporize them if the Doctor doesn’t revert to his timelord self.

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