Doctor Who S03E09 (BBC)

How does the Doctor vanquish the aliens and will he ever regain his memories?

Find out this week.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


The precog opens the watch for a second and it distracts the aliens enough for the others to escape. The matriarch alien sends her husband alien to find where Martha went for a walk. Mr. Smith declares war. He rings the school’s bells and brings the school ready for arms. The precog still has the watch.

The headmaster talks with Jeremy and the aliens. The aliens want the Doctor. Jeremy vaporizes another teacher. The aliens tell him of the Great War that is coming next year. The aliens find the Tardis. Martha tries to find the watch. The precog still has it. The alien sister tries to find the Doctor’s consciousness. The precog opens the watch in her face and the aliens know where the Doctor is.

The cadets open fire. They stop the scarecrows but Mr. Smith orders the boys to retreat. The aliens storm the school. They try to find the watch, but can’t.

The aliens start bombarding the village. The precog brings the watch to Martha. Martha tells the Doctor that the aliens have a limited lifespan. After 3 months, they die. They need to consume a timelord to survive.

The Doctor comes to the aliens and dupes them. The wrath of a timelord isn’t something nice.

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