Heroes S01E23 (NBC) How To Stop An Exploding Man – Season Finale

It is the last episode of the three chapter season finale of the acclaimed NBC series Heroes.

This volume resolves the exploding man and the way that it wall went down when New York was about to be destroyed.

But by whom?

Peter, Ted or Sylar.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Parkman recognizes Molly; she is the girl he saved when his powers first appeared. Hiro is worried about Ando. He wants to go after him, but his father tells him that if he does so, he has already lost. Hiro takes his sword and teleports away.

In Isaac Mendez’ studio, Sylar is using his new precognition powers to divine what will happen next. Peter Petrelli won the election with the help of Micah and Candace. His mother comes by and tells him that Linderman is dead. She tells him that the plan wasn’t just his. In fact, his mother is as much part of this as Linderman was.

Nikki leaves DL to find Micah. Meanwhile, Dr. Suresh and Bennett hide Thompson’s body. Claire phones her dad to tell him that Ted is dead and that Sylar took Ted’s nuclear power. Parkman barges in to tell Suresh that something’s wrong with Molly.

Peter drives to meet Nathan, with Claire. She doesn’t want to be near her real father. Peter tells Nathan about Ted. Peter wants Nathan’s help. Peter reads Nathan’s mind. In his mind, he hears that Nathan knows that there is nothing he can do to stop the bomb. Nathan’s mother arrives and she takes Claire away. Peter tries to find Claire, but looses control of his new nuclear powers.

Molly uses her powers to find Sylar. She says that there is only one person that she can’t find; someone who can see her when she thinks about him. He is much worse than Sylar. She finds Sylar at Isaac’s loft. Bennett wants to find Peter, but Parkman just wants to go after Sylar. Peter wakes up in a vision of his past. It’s the first time that he met Simone Deveaux and when he starts his job as a nurse with her father. He talks about death and tragedy.

She is talking with Charles Deveaux about her children and Linderman. He sees hope in Peter, not Nathan. Peter’s mother firmly believes that the hope of the world relies in Nathan, not Peter. Peter is weak, in his mother’s own words. Deveaux sees Peter observing the memory.

Ando goes to the Mendez loft and gets stopped by Sylar. Hiro appears and takes the sword. He takes Ando away. Meanwhile, Nikki is looking for her son. She finds Jessica and her son on the floor, apparently dead.

Parkman arrives at the loft to kill Sylar. He sees a picture drawn by Sylar telling of a showdown at Kirby Plaza. Molly says that bogeyman is already here.

Claire is trying to reason with the Petrellis but it doesn’t work. She jumps out of the window. She gets up and runs away. Nathan’s mother tells him to let Claire go.

The real Jessica appears and tells Nikki that she isn’t here. When she knock Candace out, she finds her son. Suresh and Molly find DL.

Hiro brings Ando back to Japan. Hiro gives Ando his sword.

Peter is talking to Charles in the past. Charles tells Peter that he has the power to save the world. Peter wakes up to find Bennett next to him. Bennett tells him to call him Noah.

Nikki and Micah meet with with Molly, DL, and Suresh. Micah talks to the elevator and takes them down.

Sylar starts his battle with Peter. He throws Bennett away and tries to choke Peter. Parkman appears and shoots Sylar, but Sylar stops the bullets and sends them back into Parkman. Nikki comes by and stops Sylar from bludgeoning Peter. She gives him a few wacks. Peter takes over and hits Sylar. Peter’s nuclear ability starts to manifest. Hiro appears and plunges his sword through Sylar. Peter asks Hiro to kill him, but Sylar throws him away. Hiro teleports away in mid-flight.

Peter is fighting to control his nuclear abilities. Claire arrives and takes Bennett’s gun to shoot Peter. Peter wants her to kill him. But she can’t. Out of nowhere, Nathan appears to stop her.

He takes his brother away high into the air. There is an explosion in the atmosphere. In the last scene, we see that Sylar is still alive and managed to drag himself away into the swers.

End of Volume One

Beginning of Volume Two, Generations

Hiro is thrown thanks to his teleport into a beautiful grassy meadow. Hiro arrives in Japan’s Feudal past. He is in 1671 outside Kyoto. An total eclipse darkens the meadow. The eclipse is a very important sign in the series, it is a leitmotiv. He sees samurai getting ready to attack someone. Behind him, he sees the effigy and flag of his great childhood hero, find Kensei. (The RNA effigy is also a leitmotiv. All of the heroes have it on their right side of their backs.)

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