Painkiller Jane S01E06 (Scifi)

It’s another episode of Painkiller Jane.

This time, Jane confronts her nightmares and the viral meme of a nightmare transmitted by a neuro.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


There is a flurry of strange cases in the city. The victims try to escape from a room through a window. It looks like a neuro is driving people completely crazy. The victims hear noises and thumping. They are afraid of something.

One of the victims was afraid of a gun the other was afraid of flowers. They both see a light near them. Now Jane sees something similar during her dreams.

She thinks that a neuro infects the others with the same nightmare over and over. This leads to Henry Jenkins, a kid who killed his family and a neighbor’s family 10 years ago. This is supposed to be patient 0. The boy has grown up into a man confined in a sanatorium.

Jane wants to ask Henry herself about the images that he sees in his dreams. The psycho tries to get out of a window, when Jane induces the nightmare. He sees a man. He then attacks Jane, but we aren’t worried about her, she can heal anything. Later, she says that he did seem to be threatened.

The team thinks that it’s someone connected with the mental institution.

Something that happens between laying down and getting up.
Jane on sleep.

Jane continues to see elements of the viral neuro nightmare in her own dreams. The doctor analyses her blood and finds a narcotic. She explains her dream. She sees similar elements that the victims saw in their nightmares. She was also drowning and she sees the man that Jenkins mentioned threatening her with a gun. She also sees a window through which she tries to escape from drowning.

All leads lead back to the mental institution. Dr. Lewis is AWOL. There is pandemonium at the hospital, some sort of security malfunctioning. Jane thinks that it’s Dr. Lewis because he gave her brandy right before her nightmares started. That’s where she got the narcotic from, the doctor poisoned her.

They catch him and he confesses. He is the one who has the nightmares and who infects others. But is he? The team’s doctor confirms that Lewis is not a neuro. The team thinks that he is protecting someone.

They find the patient Elyse Danson. She is the neuro and she is missing from the hospital. Jane convinces him to get them to Elyse. Lewis makes Elyse give her all of the nightmare, which happened to her family. They were on a boat and they were pirated. Her family was killed. The boat was breached and Elyse was caught in the water. She tried to escape. She made it through and stayed on a dingy. Now Lewis is the patient.

The doctor finds out that Jane’s DNA has very similar markers to a telekinetic neuro they captured last week.

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