Big Brother UK 8 Day 7

Things are getting nasty in the BBUK house, probably because the nominations are near.

Who will get nominated?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

How did a spider get into the house, it’s man-made?
Guys, you know eggs… Are they vegetables?
Chanelle to the HM.

Nicky tells some of the HM that they have to think about the food situation, after Chanelle mentions it. She tells Laura that she needs to wait for others to get served before diving into for seconds. The HM have started rationing toilet paper as well, 15 sheets a day, no more no less.

Chanelle is upset about the toilet paper situation.

Nicky is talking to Tracey about the food situation. Lesley is talking about material things. She says to Chanelle that the difference between them, is that she could afford to go to Harvey Nichols, Chanelle couldn’t. Lesley says that she used to have a Porsche 911, but it was a nightmare for maintenance.

Once you get a silver car, you have kind of given up.
Lesley to Chanelle about Chanelle’s father’s car.

A few of the HM call a meeting. Only Nicky, Ziggy, Tracey and Lesley turn up. The others are lounging in the bedroom. Nicky tries to get the other HM to go the meeting, but Laura doesn’t want to go. Nicky and Laura are having an argument. Lesley is getting angry. Laura accuses Nicky of shit-stirring.

After 30 minutes, all of the HM are finally sitting together. Carole tries to mediate and set-up some ground rules, but none of the girls want to listen. She gets up and leaves.

Chanelle wants to talk to Carole about the toilet paper situation.

Emily says that even though she doesn’t mind that men aren’t in the house, she tends to look a lot at Ziggy and watch him a lot. Nicky mentions that even though they she means nothing by it, flirting with Ziggy gives the girls something to do.

Shabs asks BB if she leaves the house, would she still get deals? She asks Ziggy to nominate her.

It’s the shopping task. The women have to rate themselves in accordance to what the group thinks. The HM rate themselves according to intelligence. Next, it’s according attractiveness. Shabs is shouting to Tracey. Tracey is pissed.

Ziggy thinks that Lesley is the most intelligent and that Charley is the least intelligent (he’s right with Lesley). This is according to what the group thinks. Ziggy thinks that the second is 2nd most attractive is Charley. 3rd is Sam (wrong on both accounts). Next is rating themselves according to consideration for others.

This reveals a lot about the HM themselves. Charley is near the top, when she clearly is at the bottom. Ziggy thinks Charley is the least considerate. The 2nd least considerate is Shabs (he is right with Shabs, wrong with Charley).

Piggy at the table, piggy at the table, she’s going to suffer.
Lesley on Emily.

Charley is getting upset about being chosen the least intelligent. Charley is also been chosen to be the least considerate by Ziggy. Charley says that Shabs is probably less considerate than her. Ziggy won the house 200£ for the weekly shopping budget.

The HM are talking about Shabs. They are actually badmouthing. Shabs is getting punished because she tried to influence nominations on two occasions. BB informs the house about Shabs’ rule breaking. They put the bathroom will be out of bounds until further notice. Emily calls Shabs a bitch.

The girls are arguing about the hair straighteners. Emily is upset because Laura wants to give Chanelle priority to use the hairs straightener first every day. Emily and Chanelle are arguing about the hair straightener. The task has made most of the HM upset about the ratings. Chanelle goes to the diary room and cries about the hair situation.

Charley gets the top of her bikini taken off in the pool. Ziggy runs away, when all of the HM try to rip off his trunks.

At 2:42AM, Ziggy and Emily are discussing the impact of appearance of new men in the house. Emily says that if there is a man that she fancies in the house, she wouldn’t do anything. Ziggy thinks it’s a load of bullshit.

The whole incident when Emily came out of the diary room to tell Ziggy that she is nominated is explained. She tried to find if she was nominated and she was. BB punishes Ziggy and Emily for that. They have to select a HM to be punished for them. They select Shabs to be punished for the both of them, because they lost the bathroom because of her.

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