Big Brother UK 8 Day 10 Double Entry

Two men are entering the house, but the girls and the boy are up for a big surprise…

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Two men are about to enter the BBUK house.

Ziggy asks Lesley’s advice about the women. He asks her help about why he is getting into so many arguments. She says that the best advice she can give her is to think about what his mom would think.

Tracey thinks that an older man will come into the house.

Back in the bedroom, Ziggy is enjoying a kiss with Chanelle. Laura is complaining about their behavior.

The next HM is named Gerry, he’s 31 years old and he’s from Greece. He’s a gallery researcher. He’s gay. He’s doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs, but he has a lot of sex and keeps a record of his activities in black books. He has 3 degrees, one in history and art, an masters in archeology and an MFA.

The next HM is Seány and he’s 25. He’s a development worker. He’s a gay lad, but he’s had a heterosexual lifestyle. He’s most definitely gay. He’s met Hillary Clinton.

So let me get this straight; they’ve put two new men into the BBUK house and they are both gay? Now that is twisted.

Both guys are called into the diary room. They both like the building. They are given a letter to read to the HM. Gerry and Seány will nominate. They will choose two other HM to nominate.

Nicky is looking unfazed.

Nicky caused a stir when she told the housemates she would be responsible for cooking all meals and compiling the shopping list, after previously telling them she was going on strike. And she seems to have annoyed the group further by questioning the amount of cheese Lesley put in a salad and confronting Ziggy over how much alcohol he was drinking last night.

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