Big Brother UK 8 Day 10

Later on tonight, two new male HM will enter the house after the eviction got cancelled because of Emily’s ejection.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Two new male HM will enter the BBUK house.

The HM are informed by BB that Emily has been removed for issuing a racial slur to Charley. Charley is crying like a little girl.

Lesley dispatches Laura, Sam and Amanda to pack up Emily’s things. Charley is back in the diary room talking about the incident with Emily. Shabs is back in the diary room and talking about her situation. She wanted to be evicted, but she is happy to stay for a little while longer. She says that it was unacceptable.

Ziggy tries to comfort Charley. We see a BBC News helicopter hover over the house. Ziggy is talking about pornography with Carole. Back in the bedroom, Charley is talking about the situation with a few other girls, Nicky, Sam, Amanda, Laura, Chanelle and Shabs.

Nicky is getting worked up because of the way Emily reacted after she said the racist term.

While the HM are making the bed, Nicky goes into the diary room. She thinks that the house needs a bit of male company, but she’s fine without it.

The girls are giving Tracey a makeover. Lesley and Carole are having a bit of a laugh about the younger women, especially Chanelle because she never made a bed before.

When Charley finishes giving Tracey her makeover, all the girls rejoice in the great effects of make-up.

Later in the day, the HM are arguing about the food situation. The big contention is the purchase of the pinapple.

During the evening, the HM get 3 bottle of wines and 4 cans of beer. Ziggy is asking Chanelle if she will join him in his bed. They are flirting heavily.

At the smoking area, Nicky and Charley are complaining about Ziggy’s alcohol consumption. They think that he is drinking too much and not sharing enough with the other HM.

Charley addresses this situation later on in the living room. Nicky joins in, Ziggy tries to defend himself but it doesn’t work. He storms away to the bedroom. Chanelle comes into the bedroom to tell him that they want to talk to him. Nicky storms back into the bedroom and continues the argument.

Sam and Amanda are in the diary room and talking about the situation in the house. They think people should be partying more. They are kind of cute.

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