Big Brother UK 8 Day 9

This is the day that Emily got ejected. Read on for the full monty.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The HM are informed of the nominations.

Lesley is being told by Laura that she should be careful about what she says. Laura finds her rude. She asks Carole to talk about conservation to the HM. Meanwhile, Ziggy and Chanelle are snuggling on the couch.

Laura is in the diary room talking about Ziggy. Laura feels that he manipulated Chanelle into thinking that he needs her. She thinks that it will be a problem if Emily stays in the house.

Chanelle had asked to have her boots mended. In counterpart, Chanelle is asked to bring back the things from tasks that the HM haven’t returned. Chanelle is getting upset, because she will most probably loose her boots.

She was trying to read a list to the other HM, but they keep interrupting her. She gets mad after a few minutes and storms it. Charley is called is a selfish bitch. Chanelle is called back. The argument continues.

Ziggy tries to mend some fences, but it doesn’t work out.

Shabs is banned from using make-up and take her away all of her clothes. She gets new drab clothes. She cannot wear any make-up or wear any other clothes than the ones provide for her.

Ziggy is finding it hard in the house, with all of the bitching. He is in the diary room talking to BB.

We see the episode which got Emily ejected. They were talking by the smoking area. She said n**ger to Charley, in a sort of joking manner “Are you pushing it n**ger?”. Charley asks Emily why she said it. Nicky asks her why she says it so easily. Charley is shocked. Nicky as well.

Nicky runs away when Laura joins them. Nicky comes back.

Charley and Shabs are talking about the incident. Charley tells her what Emily called her, but Emily joins them and doesn’t leave them alone.

Emily is in damage control mode. Emily says that she is the least racist person.

Later, the HM are talking in the bedroom. Charley mentions to the other HM that Emily said something very bad to hear and that she is in deep shit with BB. Charley said that she didn’t like Emily at the beginning, but now she likes her.

Ziggy guesses that it was racist.

3:07AM, most of the HM are in the bedroom. Nicky and Charley are talking by themselves in the living room about the racist comment Emily made to Charley.

Emily is called to the diary room immediately. BB asks for some clarifications, and Emily plays it down. She says it is a friendly term used between friends. She says that Charley wasn’t offended, and she is wrong. She is informed that she will be removed from the BBUK house. She says that it’s not fair. BB tries to tell her how the viewing public and other HM might find it offensive. She is completely shocked. She is told to leave by the other door.

[Ed. note: Please see the following post for more on Emily’s ejection.]

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