Big Brother UK 8 Day 12

People are leaving the BBUK house and it’s not even time for evictions yet!

The two new gay male HM start making some trouble.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

On Saturday at 9AM, Lesley left the BBUK house. The last straw was when Seány pulled her blanket off her. She was most upset. Shabs’ punishment is over and she is allowed make-up and clothes once again. She tried to cry when she received the news, but the waterworks didn’t come.

The HM are playing a game of underwater charades and one of the twins couldn’t figure out why the snorkel didn’t work properly.

On Friday night…

Laura is freaking because she heard the chant of “Get —– out!”, though she couldn’t make out who was named.

Tracey is happy with Seány because he goes to raves as well. Ziggy is happy because there are other males in the house. He wasn’t too happy with Gerry, because he is gay.

From what I have seen, it seems that they were chanting “Get Charley out!” Lesley is crying again, she is completely freaked out by the arrival of more men in the house.

Ziggy, Gerry and Seány are in the diary room talking about the situation and how it was before the guys came into the house. Ziggy and Chanelle make out in the bathroom. Charley thinks that she is the one that the crowd hates.

Gerry talks with Ziggy about Chanelle.

Meanwhile, Seány tells Charley that it sounded like it was her name they chanted. Seány and Nicky are trying to making her feel better.

Lesley is trying to sleep and it’s 4:12AM. It’s at that time that Seány pulls Lesley’s duvet off her. She is really upset. Someone puts crackers in Seány’s bed. Lesley starts packing.

Saturday morning at 8:26AM, Lesley asks to leave the house. Lesley is packing some more. At around 9AM, she leaves the house through the diary room.

Ziggy and Chanelle are talking about Seány. In the bedroom, the guys are discussing the sleeping arrangements. Gerry and Seány redistribute the sleepers to their convenience.

Shabs receives her stuff back.

Seány confesses that he converted to Islam in 2003. At the time, he had a girlfriend. He only came out of the closet last year. A lot of his friends didn’t know this about him.

The HM ask him if he is bi, and he doesn’t say no. He is called to the diary room to explain himself about taking Lesley’s duvet away. Seány apologizes to the group.

Gerry and Ziggy are talking about Seány. Shabs starts running around them, Nicky joins them and it becomes viral; Ziggy and Gerry are running as well.

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