Big Brother UK 8 Day 13

Today, Gerry and Seány decide who will nominate with them this week.

They have interviews to decide the matter.

They choose unlikely people.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Most of the HM are in bed.

Ziggy and Gerry are in the garden talking about Seány. Gerry believes that Chanelle is the boss of the house. Ziggy thinks it’s Carole.

The food is getting scarce in the house. Ziggy is told by Seány that Carole wants to switch places in the bedroom with him. Ziggy has no problems with it.

Nicky and Laura are in the bedroom and they are talking about the twins. They are upset that they don’t do anything around the house.

Gerry is talking about the drugs that people around did in the past. Chanelle talks about her mom, who was an addict, who also went into prison. She was strangled by a man in her flat and just left there.

Seány is playing with the twins in the pool. He gets called into the diary room to remove his top, because it has offensive language. He doesn’t.

Gerry is talking to Charley and Shabs about how his mother doesn’t accept him the way he is.

Carole, Amanda and Nicky are in the kitchen and they are trying to educate Amanda on food conservation. Charley and Ziggy are in the smoking area and she doesn’t like the food situation. Ziggy is trying to stop bitching.

Gerry and Seány are in the boardroom trying to decide who they will ask to nominate with them. Only four people in total will nominate this week. They interview all of the HM to try and find out who is best suited. Shabs doesn’t want to nominate. They made Nicky dance an Irish jig.

She’s a complete and utter lunatic!
Gerry about Tracey.

Ziggy says that Shabs doesn’t do anything around the house.

Amanda is the first HM who will nominate and Sam is the second. That is a strange move. They say that both of them do not have a game plan.

The HM have a meeting about the food situation. Ziggy tries to tell Nicky that other people need to be involved with the cooking. Ziggy is upset because he is the only one speaking up. Carole gets up and leaves because the group isn’t working things out properly. The discussion breaks down quickly.

Nicky comes into the bathroom while Chanelle and Ziggy are talking about Charley. Nicky and Ziggy make up on their food issues, but they are frustrated with the other HM who don’t mention anything to Nicky.

There is an argument about wine with Nicky, Shabs, Tracey and Charley.

Nicky is in the diary room. She should just let the HM do whatever they want and go hungry for the next few days.

Chanelle, the twins, Seány and Ziggy are playing in the pool. Nicky, Shabs and Charley are bitchy. Charley is upset about the comments that she is receiving about her wardrobe, Shabs about not doing anything in the house.

Charley is a really ugly person. She is totally bitchy, slutty and trashy. She is bitching to Shabs about Chanelle. She makes a good HM though.

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