Big Brother UK 8 Day 14

The HM are nominated and the house is going mad over food.

There are arguments, screams and more!

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The HM nominated for eviction are Carole, Shabs and Tracey. The HM have to spend time in a tin of sardines filled with fish guts and brains. Chanelle had problems with that. This was after they received a breakfast of kippers.

Charley is screaming at BB to stop the alarm in the morning. Ziggy tells Chanelle that he saw Gerry and Seány cuddling the night before. They have been a bit on the snuggly side for the past few days.

Charley is freaking out because Nicky is rationing her cigarettes. She is having an argument with Tracey and Ziggy about the cigarettes.

Seány is worried how his hugging with Gerry in their bed will look to the outside world. He asks the other HM opinions. Chanelle thinks that they will make a big deal of it.

Mandy has a problem with nominating. She has to be reminded by her twin Sam, the dominant twin, that they can’t talk about it.

Amanda nominates Carole because she calls meetings and leaves at a certain point. Nicky is her second nomination because she is so anal. Gerry nominates Shabs because she is annoying. He nominates Tracey. He says she uses a limited vocabulary, meaning that she doesn’t have to give a lot of opinions, she reverts to her own language. Sam nominates Shabs because she doesn’t do anything. She nominates Carole. She walks away during the meetings. Seány nominates Tracey. His second nomination is Shabs. He cites a few reasons, but mainly because she doesn’t clean.

Gerry talks about his nominations with Ziggy. Gerry talks to Ziggy and kind of reveals to her that she is nominated. Later, Ziggy and Chanelle are talking. Ziggy thinks that no girls like him really.

Nicky and Charley are talking about Chanelle in the smoking area. Charley tells Nicky that Chanelle told Ziggy about their girly chat, where they cautioned Chanelle about her relationship with Ziggy. Later, Nicky continues to talking about Chanelle to Sam. Nicky makes Chanelle cry because she implies that Ziggy slagged her off to Ziggy. Nicky leaves and then Charley walks in and continues arguing with Chanelle.

Ziggy sets off more arguments in the bedroom by saying in a frustrated way that there are to many lesbians in this house.

Seány and Ziggy are talking about the situation in the garden. Ziggy brought his duvet and is chilling.

Laura doesn’t really Ziggy and now she’s got her on her back as well. She continues crying. Towards 12:41AM, Charley continues arguing with Ziggy. Chanelle is in the diary room at 3:28AM complaining about the bitching that Charley does in the house.

Shabs is making noises and walking the other HM during the night.

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