Big Brother UK 8 Day 16

The HM do their own shopping and they don’t get enough food. Instead of pooling their resources, they each get a small budget to buy whatever they want.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

They put water all over the place trying to try and get him. Charley compounds it by putting some more water on Seány. They continue horsing around in the bedroom. Nicky’s got her hot sauce and she is happy. Charley tries to not argue and has a gigantic row with Shabs about bananas. Shabs steals some of Carole’s toilet paper and denies it. Carole screams at her.

The HM still don’t have access to the bathroom because of rule breaking. Laura is moaning after Seány because she wants to get into the bathtub.

Gerry and Nicky are talking about relationships. During this conversation, Nicky mentions that she is hot in bed; she has been told this by her lovers. Nicky wants to be less of a nag and get on with the life in the house. I don’t think she is capable of this.

Shabs and Charley are talking to Ziggy about Nicky. Charley is quite upset with Nicky. Shabs is running around a bit.

I don’t give a flying f**k.
Shabs about the other HM.

Ziggy is informed that he has 100£ for the weekly shopping budget. They can spend 10£ on booze.

Nicky is crying because she misses her family. After talking about badly about Nicky, Charley makes up with her. The HM have decided to split the budget into an individual allowance, which is stupid. Each HM gets 8£. Sam, Amanda and Chanelle decide to combine their budgets to get food together. But this happens after 55 minutes into the budget deliberations. They have 5 minutes left to total. Carole keeps repeating “Wait a moment”. She is completely freaking out, because the other fatty is looking crazy for food (Laura). Carole tells Amanda to leave, because her food is already done.

Carole thinks it will be a disaster. Laura is reading the list to BB.

I’m the slimmest in the house because I don’t eat a lot.
Charley to Seány when she spent 4£ out of 8£ on tobacco.

Charley wants to change the list, but it’s too late. She has ordered too much cigarettes. She is crying in the bedroom and getting some snuggles from Seány. Ah, smokers!

The HM are getting porkpies and beer. They have to discuss about manly topics under the porkpies. They can not eat the porkpies. Gerry is telling Charley that she has been showing off and that he hasn’t got any interest in this conversation.

Charley says that she isn’t here for the money. She is being very aggressive. Charley says that she is the IT girl of the house. Carole has been chosen as the most manly HM. She has to put together something but she fails to do it in the 7min that BB allotted for her. She doesn’t win the prize for the house.

Nicky, Seány and Amanda are in the diary room returning the porkpies. Nicky does a good impression of Fat Bastard from Austin Powers.

Nicky is acting all bitchy with Carole. And guess what it’s about? Food. Nicky is upset that Carole is “interfering”. This happens after Nicky gave some advice to the twins and Chanelle doing the cooking. Carole came by and gave some advice as well and then Nicky bitches at Carole. Nicky leaves the cooking, in an impromptu way. She is pissed again.

Nicky is in the diary room. She is being told off for pushing a porkpie into the camera of the diary room earlier today. As punishment, she is told she has to clean the mirrors for two hours. Nicky says that she didn’t do it, Seány pushed the porkpie into the camera. But she was holding it. She wants to leave the room. BB doesn’t let her.

She is told to clean the mirrors outside in the rain for 2 hours. She tells the other HM and manages a smile. Meanwhile, Shabs and Charley are shouting and arguing.

Seány is getting chased by most of the girls, and Carole is upset. She goes into the bedroom and starts chasing Seány as well in a good natured way.

It’s revealed that 4 straight HM will enter the house on Friday and 1 female HM will be evicted.

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