Big Brother UK 8 Day 17

The bar at Hips on the 7th of June 2007.

It’s right before the eviction, and the HM are going a bit nutty with the pressure.

Charley is looking for a fight.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Charley puts on some make-up on Gerry while he is sleeping. He didn’t like it.

Carole starts shouting at Shabs because she stole some toilet paper from her and she denies it. Shabs was caught in flagrant stealing, but she denies it, even if she did it right in front of Carole. Shabs has been taking Carole’s toilet paper for the last few days and Carole noticed that her stash has gone down, so she kept an eye on it. She is still talking about it with Charley.

BB just gives them the weekly shopping. Charley is really upset because Shabs took her bananas. She calls Shabs a thief and Charley goes around and tells everyone. Shabs calls Charley a bully. The other HM are trying to make noise to cover the sounds of the argument. The guys continue arguing and the others just keep putting the volume higher.

It was a gigantic row and some HM go to talk to BB about it. Chanelle is talking about Charley. Chanelle hates Charley. Charley and Shabs continue arguing or making up, who can tell.

The HM get a surprise dinner of pizza, chocolate and alcohol.

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