Big Brother UK 8 Day 19

It’s the first few days after 4 new male HM are in the BBUK house. They are slowly adjusting to life indoors.

A few of the lads are interested in Chanelle, but notice that she is taken.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

She doesn’t make a lot of sense during her BBLB interview.

Surprisingly, Gerry, Seány and Chanelle scored the highest on BB IQ test. Shabs scored lowest and Charley scored a bit better than her. Amanda’s IQ is a few points above Sam’s. Carole follows Chanelle.

On Friday…

Billi gets a lukewarm reception as he enters the house. Seány thinks that Billi is gay and shouts “Another gay”! Jonathan gets a better reception. Seány shouts “an old man”! They try and match him to Carole. It doesn’t really work.

Next in is Liam. The twins are ogling him. They do the same thing to Brian, while Charley straddle jumps him.

Shabs just gets evicted and Charley is crying because she hears the booing, realizing that whenever she exits the house, she will get really booed. Charley keeps readjusting her boobs in front the men. Jonathan has two adult children, he is engaged to be married.

There is some serious flirting going on between Amanda and Brian. Jonathan is the diary room talking about the HM. He feels that it’s like being in a cartoon. He thinks that Tracey is unfathomable, because he has never met anyone like her. He finds Carole comforting.

Billi thinks that none of the girls are really interesting, because Chanelle is with Ziggy.

Ziggy is talking to Brian and Liam. Ziggy says that Charley is the most difficult in the house.

Brian dries himself in the bathroom in front of the twins. They find it hilarious.

At 4:41AM Billi and Gerry are in the bathroom talking about the girls. They are talking about trimming their pubes. Brian and Liam are talking about the twins.

On Saturday…

Nicky and Ziggy are doing some exercises in the morning in the garden. Carole is at the dining table. They like the boys.

The new HM just receive their suitcases. Ziggy and Chanelle are talking in the living room about boob jobs. Chanelle says that she would probably like to get one after BB. Carole thinks that Charley will hook up with Liam. Charley denies it. They talk about Billi and how Gerry thought he was gay.

The four new HM are in the diary room and they get their shopping budget task. They practice in the garden, away from the other HM. They receive their costumes. They will receive a luxury shopping budget. They don’t like the costumes. It’s kind of funny.

The other HM are playing a word guessing game in the bedroom. None of the girls know what fellatio means.

Since the new boys entered, Nicky is actually smiling a lot. Gerry and Seány throw some underwear at the singing new HM.

The new HM won themselves a luxury shopping budget, after they performed a rendition of the Village People’s YMCA.

Billi needs some gas to straighten his hair.

Gerry and Brian are talking about the HM, especially Charley. Gerry warns Brian about her, he tells her she has a very short fuse.

During the day, Ziggy tried to get some sleep behind the bathtub, and BB played some annoying music to wake him up. It took quite about 45 seconds for him to wake up. The other HM start dancing.

Ziggy, Gerry and Chanelle are talking about the new HM. They all like Billi. Chanelle mentions that Liam doesn’t like her. They talk how fake Charley is and how she never leaves Liam’s side.

Liam is talking about Charley in the diary room. He doesn’t like the way that Charley acts. He believes that Charley thinks that the new HM will control the nominations, that is why she is sucking up to them. He thinks that Chanelle is gorgeous.

Chanelle and Ziggy are in the bathroom. Chanelle is feeling bad because of what Seány said. She says that she is getting paranoid. She misses her friends. She reassures Ziggy that she isn’t worried about their relationship. There are new stresses in the house. Liam clearly likes Chanelle.

Charley and Sam are at the smoking area talking about the boys. Sam thinks that Ziggy is not her type. Sam doesn’t like how built is Liam. Charley thinks that Liam is the best looking guy.

Ziggy asks if he is Chanelle’s type. She says no. It has something to do with his hair color. Billi comes in to join them. They all leave for the bedroom, because the bathroom is so hot. In the living room, Brian and Liam throw foam all over the place. Sma, Amanda, Charley and others participate. Chanelle goes and joins them.

Trouble in paradise? Between Chanelle and Ziggy?

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