Rescue Me S04E01 (FX)

The end of last season saw Tommy being drugged by Sheila in their new house. It wasn’t sure if either of them survived.

Find out what happened with the beginning of the next season right now on FX.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

It looks like Tommy is in therapy. He is talking about Sheila. In fact, he is being interrogated by the cops. There was a life insurance policy taken out on Sheila right before she died. He gets hit in the face.

He is woken up by the baby crying. He lets Janet sleep. His daughter Colleen comes back home. He is surprised to learn that she is seeing a man, because he thought she was a lesbian. She tells him it was just a phase.

He smells the pot and the sex on her. She admits it all, and pukes on the carpet. He goes to tell Janet and learns a few things. Janet tells Tommy that Colleen is on the pill.

Tommy is living in a platonic relationship with his ex-wife. His other daughter comes out and smells the puke and pukes as well.

Louie is at church with his ex-nun girlfriend. They excuse themselves to have sex in the back of the church.

Franco is with his girlfriend and her mentally handicapped brother Rich. Rich wants to get laid, so he asks Franco when is he going to marry his sister. He tells her that he has a girl already.

Garrity tries to throw out his big box of porn. Maggie catches him. It’s actually her porn, not his. They argue about the size of his cock.

The Chief is talking to his son Pete, who just got engaged to his boyfriend Steven. He wants him to be his best man.

Tommy is still up in arms about Colleen having sex in her boyfriend’s car outside of the house. He tries to hand over the baby, but it starts crying. She hands it back to Tommy. She thinks that the baby hates her.

Tommy’s lawyer Eddie wants him to lie. Tommy says that he can’t lie to lawyers. Eddie says that the signatures are his on the life insurance policy and the home insurance policy. Tommy is acting strange, he is listening to Oprah and Dr. Laura.

He hides from the firefighter who saved his life from the fire. The interim chief tells him that he will probably go to jail.

The crew gets called out for a bunch of trapped cats. There aren’t any cats, but the building almost explodes. The probie falls off the floor into the fire. They all fall out of the building. And they save a cat.

The Chief saves the day, puts the power back on. The Chief even solves the basketball and hockey situation, by putting half a of each.

The firefighter who saved Tommy is pretty hot and wakes Tommy up while he was dreaming about his court case once again.

Garrity tries to see Maggie’s porn. He tries to critique the porn, which is a bit stupid.

Franco tries to have sex with Nathalie, but she is reading. He tells her that he almost died today.

It’s crunch time for Tommy. His hallucination tries to help him out.

He goes to see Sheila, who is still alive. She pretended that she died so that they can get the money for the house and the life insurance policy.

We’ve got 2 million dollars on the line, and you are totally screwing this up.
Sheila to Tommy.

* * * * *

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