Big Brother UK 8 Day 20

The introduction of the new HM is starting to get really interesting.

How many crazy HM do you need?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Gerry and Seány kissed during a truth or dare game. Fifty minutes later, they kissed again. Seány’s prank of putting wet tissues in Charley’s shoes backfires. Maybe that wasn’t the best thing to do.

The new task involves swimming 34 km, the same distance from Calais to Dover in the BB pool.

Gerry thinks that neither Brian nor Liam like him. The same is true with Nicky.

Ziggy is in the diary room still talking about the Chanelle situation. The situation is that the other lads fancy her, but she is unavailable. In recent days, she has been distancing herself a bit from Ziggy. Ziggy is still concerned about the age difference between them, but he believes that it isn’t that much of a problem.

Charley is having an argument with Laura. Charley is calling her two-faced. Charley is a complete egomaniacal narcissist.

Chanelle and Brian are both adopted.

Liam is in the diary room and he doesn’t like Charley. He finds her superficial and vain. He finds that the twins are using the house and the people inside for their own gain. They come across as ditzy and cute, but they are after fame and fortune.

Liam and Charley are talking. He tells her that she is argumentative. She doesn’t know why she gets so angry. Laura says that she is like that, that’s Charley’s personality.

Carole thinks that the twins are the favorites to win. Carole doesn’t believe that they aren’t as innocent as they portray themselves. Carole thinks that they are more naïve than innocent. Jonathan doesn’t buy the twins’ act.

Laura notices that a plant is dying. Jonathan is talking to Tracey about the BBUK house. He finds Nicky really interesting, but he sees that she shuts herself off from the other HM at times.

Jonathan thinks that the twins are playing a very clever game. It’s a sort of marketing machine and he would like to be their manager. He confronts them with Nicky in the bathroom. However, I think that he is seeing more than there is. They are simple.

Charley is continually name-dropping. She is talking in the smoking area. Nicky leaves. She says she knows a lot of famous people.

Billi and Brian are talking about the girls. They both deduce that the only available female is Amanda, but they think she isn’t going to hook up with any boys in the house. They go into the diary room to complain.

The HM receive a party in a box. They play a game of truth or dare. Brian recoils from receiving a snog from Charley. Gerry and Seány have a real 20 second snog. Nicky is dared to snog Liam and she does. Ziggy is told by Tracey that Billi has his eyes set on Chanelle.

Ziggy is talking with Tracey about his relationship with Chanelle. He is questioning part of it.

Tracey, Liam and Nicky are talking about Jonathan. Nicky is upset because she feels that Jonathan is looking at her ass and tits all of the time. It makes her feel uncomfortable.

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