Big Brother UK 8 Day 21

It’s time to reveal the nominations.

Things are starting to get crazy in the BBUK house, and I’m not talking about Charley.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This week’s nominees are Carole, Jonathan and Seány.

After 6 hours into the swimming task, Charley is complaining in the diary room. She had swum 135m. She complains about the lack of food and nicks some cheese from the fridge. The HM still have 5 miles to go. Amanda has swum the most, Brian has swum the least.

Billi thinks that Ziggy is arrogant.

Seány gets told off by Charley because he put wet tissues in Charley’s shoes.

It’s time for the nominations.

Amanda nominates Carole and Tracey. She nominates both of them for being too serious and stuff. Billi nominates Carole and Jonathan. Brian nominates Seány and Carole. Carole nominates Laura and Nicky. Chanelle nominates Charley and Seány. Charley nominates Seány and Nicky. Gerry nominates Charley and Liam. Jonathan nominates Nicky and Tracey. Laura nominates Carole and Jonathan. Liam nominates Jonathan and Charley. Nicky nominates Jonathan and Seány. Sam nominates Carole and Liam. Seány nominates Brian and Tracey. Tracey nominates Seány and Jonathan. Ziggy nominates Charley and Nicky.

Carole, Jonathan and Seány received 5 nominations. Charley and Nicky received 4 nominations. Tracey got 3. Liam got 2. Brian and Laura got 1 each. Amanda, Billi, Sam and Ziggy received no nominations.

Brian and Nicky are talking about Jonathan.

Nicky is told by Tracey that she will be in his boxers by the time she leaves the house.

Chanelle is freaking out because Gerry told her she is unfit after only going 14 laps. She tells him that it’s because it is so cold.

Nicky is being told off for jokingly telling Charley to stop eating. She is being told off by Carole. Carole says that their friendship is over in this house. Carole is really upset and continuing to shout at Nicky.

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