Big Brother UK 8 Day 22

One of the HM will receive 100000£ prize. The HM will think that the 100000£ is out of the prize money. But in reality, the winner of BBUK will still receive 100000£.

My, my, BBUK is nasty, isn’t it?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The HM are still doing their long distance swimming task for their luxury shopping budget. (They won it, and as a reward for doing the most laps at 1400, Amanda gets to do the shopping budget by herself. She spent 1:40 in the diary room compiling it.)

How is that a reward?
Amanda to BB.

Last night, Nicky had a row with Carole. She is in the smoking area talking with Chanelle and Liam. Nicky seems perplexed why Carole exploded on her last night, but my guess is that it was just the drop that made the cup overflow.

Jonathan is concerned about loosing the task. He enjoyed watching Nicky melting down the night before. He believes that Carole was right. He is upset because Nicky has been telling other HM that she finds the way that Jonathan behaves toward her and looks at her lecherous.

Carole is talking to Chanelle about the argument with Nicky. Charley points to the fact that Carole is still gossiping about what happened the night before to Chanelle to Nicky. As always, Charley is shit stirring.

Jonathan and Carole are talking about Charley. Jonathan says that she annoys the hell out of him. He says that he needs to bite his tongue more before speaking and swearing at other HM.

Charley is getting some attitude from Ziggy. He tells her that she should change clothes a few times. She is annoyed and goes to bitch to BB. She complains that he is arrogant. Look, it’s the kettle calling the pot black!

Charley and Billi are talking about Ziggy and Chanelle. Billi doesn’t like Ziggy, probably because he’s got Chanelle. Both of them are bitching about Ziggy.

Charley is moaning and crying in the diary room about her hair and hair extensions. They have mottled together in a giant dreadlock. What a crybaby!

Nicky is trying to pull the hair extensions off of Charley’s head, without much success.

Gerry and Billi are in the bathroom. Nicky heads out of the bathroom asking if they are coming. Gerry says to Billi that he has been in the pool seven times in the last two hours, he doesn’t need her attitude when they need to get warm.

Nicky listens at their conversation at the door. She comes back in and talks to them about it. Gerry tells her that she has been very rude to him. She leaves. They both leave and cross her path in the bedroom and she continues moaning about it. Gerry tells her that she needs to behave.

Later, Nicky asks Jonathan if she has been nasty. He tells her that she has been. He tells her that he made him feel like a pervert. And she shouldn’t behave like that.

Most of the HM are in the garden finishing the swimming task. Seány and Laura are in the toilet with Gerry’s toy monkey.

Liam, Nicky and Gerry are in living room. Gerry is reading body-language on both of them. Basically he says that Nicky is overtly flirting with Liam.

Ziggy and Chanelle are talking about their relationship. Chanelle is upset by what he said and leaves his bed. Ziggy sighs, rolls over and tries to sleep.

She joins Nicky in the kitchen to talk about Liam. Later, Nicky and Liam are talking by themselves outside.

Gerry is pissed at Seány because he put a condom on his bear. He throws Seány’s hats into the pool.

Now my bear smells of condom lube!
Gerry to Seány.

The HM are gathered and told that there is 100000£ in the diary room. BB tells them that he will get back to them. No one budges from the living room. I would have run into the diary room to get the money.

In the break, Carole is freaking out because someone used her towel.

Carole, Seány and Jonathan are called to the diary room. They are this week’s nominees for eviction. They sit in the chair and see the case filled with 20£ notes. They are told that they are not eligible for the prize money. They have 1 minute to decide who they are giving the money to out of the other HM. They give the money to Liam. They talked about Ziggy for a few moments, Laura wasn’t well liked and Amanda didn’t work out.

For a few days work, Liam just won 100000£. They inform the other HM that they chose Liam for the prize money. Needless to say that the other HM are shocked. Liam is crying.

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