Big Brother UK 8 Day 23

Now that Liam has won 100000£, Nicky and Charley are showing off their assets to snare the lad. Liam says that he plans on paying his little brother’s university fees, buying a car for his dad.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Ziggy is having doubts about his relationship with Chanelle, since Billi entered the house.

One of Seány’s pranks involves pushing Charley into the pool. That will probably set off some sparks.

An alarm wakes up all of the HM. Charley is freaking out and Chanelle wants the alarm to stop.

Gerry, Ziggy, Carole and Jonathan are talking about Liam and Nicky. Some of them think that Nicky is using Liam to popularity.

Amanda swum 6.2km in the pool and gets to do the luxury shopping budget by herself. Amanda has been in the diary room for 59 minutes composing the shopping budget. 1:58 minutes later, Amanda is still in the diary room. She says that she had fun. Amanda exits the house and Carole is totally freaking out. She didn’t get any toothpaste and no cleaning products. I don’t think that she bought any toilet rolls. Tracey is pissed off as well because she isn’t sure which brand of cigarettes Amanda got.

Carole is moaning in the bedroom.

Ziggy, Chanelle and Billi are talking about girls. Billi says that there is no one in the house for him.

Liam is in the diary room talking about Nicky. He says that she likes talking about the arguments that she has in the house, but makes herself look like a saint. This makes him weary of her, but he likes hanging around her.

Brian is having a whinge about the washing. Seány and Laura are pulling Brian’s leg about toilets and washing machines in their home provinces. Brian says that they should ask Tony Blair to help them out. The other reply that Blair doesn’t give a shit about them.

Seány and Gerry are talking about the Freddy-gate that happened the day before. Seány put condoms on him and in retaliation Gerry threw out Seány’s hats into the pool. Seány doesn’t understand and Gerry says that he probably never will understand why it was wrong.

The storeroom is open filled with Amanda’s shopping budget. Most of the HM are happy. Amanda didn’t get enough smokes, so the HM who smoke are a bit upset. They think that it will be a long hard week.

Carole is having a whinge about her towel being used by someone. She is actually having a cry because of it. Jonathan confesses that he took Carole’s towel while she is bawling her eyes out in the bedroom.

Seány says Laura, Jonathan says Amanda and Carole says Ziggy when they discuss who should get the 100000£. Nicky and Charley say that it won’t be them getting it. Laura keeps asking why Seány is there.

Jonathan says that he could do Ziggy, Carole says Liam. Seány agrees with Carole and Jonathan says yes to Liam as well.

Tracey is in the diary room. She says that the game has changed. The game is now about who can last the longest.

Charley is giving a little show for Liam. It’s like a lap dance. Charley has got the dollar signs in her eyes. Nicky ran away to touch up her make-up and try to jockey for a better position. They actually changed clothes. Laura says that Charley will have to come back inside and change clothes once again.

Charley is putting on a slutty outfit, showing off her assets. It’s all about the money. The twins come out as well with some pink things around their bums. Seány pushes Charley into the swimming pool.

The other HM are trying to calm the bitch down, but it’s not working out. Laura says that she looks sexier. Carole says that she will get a contract out of it.

Gerry says that was so cruel, but so funny. Liam agrees.

Ziggy and Chanelle are breaking up. Ziggy decides that they will pursue the relationship after the show, if there is anything there.

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