Big Brother UK 8 Day 24

Chanelle and Ziggy are back together, or so it seems.

Ziggy and Carole have been punished for passing secret messages. They aren’t allowed to write on anything but the chalkboard.

The HM had another task, I Object, in which they had to describe the object that represented them the most and receive criticism from the other HM.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

On Thursday…

It’s the morning after Liam received his 100000£ and Carole and Ziggy are talking about the way Liam received his money. Ziggy is weary of Billi. He goes to the diary room to complain about Billi. He is upset on how much he is trying to get busy with Chanelle.

Carole and Ziggy are writing on wood using a chalk to communicate secretly, which is explicitly against the BB rules. As a punishment, they have to write 100 lines on a chalkboard. Carole has trouble writing in straight lines, so she makes crooked lines on her board.

Brian and Charley are talking about Billi. Charley thinks he is a shit stirrer. Meanwhile, Chanelle and Billi are both in the shower together.

Jonathan is teasing Billi for always looking at himself in the mirror and posing. In the smoking area, Liam, Nicky and Amanda are talking. Liam asks Amanda if she fancies Billi. She denies it. Tracey comes by and goes tell Billi about the conversation he overheard.

Jonathan, Sam, Chanelle and Billi are in the bedroom. Billi takes the opportunity of Chanelle’s nap to write on her forehead and cheek.

Ziggy, Seány and Liam are talking about Chanelle. Ziggy is unsure that he wants to continue his relationship with Chanelle.

Ziggy and Chanelle are talking behind the sofas. He isn’t happy about how Billi is hanging around Chanelle all the time and he is unsure about her feelings about him.

Billi and Charley are talking about Billi’s attraction to Amanda. Nicky and Brian are talking about Nicky’s attraction to Liam.

Chanelle is talking about Ziggy in the diary room. Carole and Ziggy are talking about his relationship with Chanelle. He tells Carole how he feels about Billi getting in between him and Chanelle. He thinks that they should leave it, because it looks to him that she can’t make up her mind and he needs to be with someone who is more sure of herself.

He breaks up with Chanelle because of it. But from what has been shown, they slept in the same bed and kissed the day after.

Liam and Nicky are in the garden horsing around. Ziggy and Jonathan are commiserating together about women.

Seány is in the diary room and doesn’t realize why he has been nominated. Maybe because he takes the practical jokes too far.

Chanelle and Gerry are in the bathroom talking about Ziggy. She likes him, but she tells Gerry about what Ziggy told her a few hours ago. Gerry says that Chanelle and Ziggy need eachother.

Liam, Brian and Billi are talking about the love triangle. They tell him that he should talk to Ziggy and tell him that nothing is happening between him and Chanelle.

Ziggy and Chanelle are talking in the bedroom at 12:13 AM about the situation.

Billi and Nicky are talking about Ziggy. Billi thinks that Ziggy had a massive game plan to win BB, but since there is no money anymore, he is shit out of luck. He says that his relationship with Chanelle was also part of his plan, but now it seems to be breaking apart. Billi guarantees that there won’t be a relationship between Chanelle and Ziggy after they leave the house.

Liam, Laura and Seány are in the bathroom talking about Ziggy. Seány wonders how Ziggy knew that his name was mentioned when they had to decide who would get the 100000£.

Seány is talking to the group about his behavior and pranks.

The 3rd person evicted from the BBUK house is Seány! He didn’t think that he was going. Gerry is crying like a baby. That will teach him to pull pranks on unsuspecting HM!

Still, pushing Charley into the pull was pretty funny.

He didn’t get a lot of boos, only cheers. He got 44.3% of the vote.

He isn’t sorry about playing the pranks.

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