Big Brother UK 8 Day 26

Contrary to the BBAU house, the BBUK house is really getting hilarious. All of the personalities are clashing and there is so much bitching between some of the HM… Priceless.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Ziggy and Chanelle are back together again, and they make it official.

Chanelle comes into diary room and says that she has foot herpes.

Ziggy comes to the diary room to clears things up between him and Chanelle. He thought that Billi was getting between them, but Chanelle just looks at him like a gay mate, not a competitor for her love. Ziggy realized this after he talked with Chanelle.

Chanelle and Billi are talking about Charley’s strategies on how to get out of getting nominated. They say that she works on people starting on Friday so that she doesn’t get any nominations.

Chanelle and Charley get rid of a blackhead on Billi’s face. Ziggy isn’t happy about this. On Friday night, Carole and Ziggy are wearing dunce caps for breaking the rules.

Charley pretends she is upset that Seány left, but she nominated him, what did she expect? Billi is in the diary room crying because of Seány’s departure.

Nicky and Liam are in the garden flirting. Chanelle and Ziggy come to the diary room to say that they are back together.

The next morning, Nicky is getting into Liam’s bed. Liam has told Jonathan that he isn’t really interested in Nicky, but here is no one else yet in the house that he likes. He expects someone better to come alone. Liam comes to the diary room to tell how it is. He doesn’t really want anything from Nicky. He thinks its just harmless conversations.

The HM have a knobbly knee contest and Charley and Brian win. Brian and Charley won it. They sent both of them on vacation. Chanelle says that theHM are on holiday because they left. They go into a caravan in the garden. After just a few minutes, Charley is freaking out pretty badly, since she has to wear ugly clothes as well. Brian is already wearing her underwear.

There is an argument between Billi and Charley. Charley keeps going at it. She calls Billi a liar. It has something to do with hair or how his hair looks like Sam’s boyfriend Rich.

Nicky and Chanelle are talking about Liam. Nicky says that nothing will happen between them. Billi comes into the bathroom where both girls are. Brian comes into the bathroom as well and confirms what he said. Brian says that it was inappropriate to say it in front of the twins.

Brian says that he likes Amanda. Charley is telling that Billi likes her as well. Brian says that he wants to hook up with someone.

Brian doesn’t know who Shakespeare is and doesn’t know anything about Romeo and Juliette. Liam and Nicky are trying to explain it to Brian. Brian says that he didn’t pay that much attention in school.

Ziggy thinks that Billi is trying to be tactical in the house. He thinks that Billi is shit stirring and creating conflict. Billi is in the diary room. He complains about the HM.

Brian offers to give a massage. She is a bit weary, but with nothing else to do, she allows it. It doesn’t help that he gets a woody while he prepares to give her a massage. She tells him to go away until his erection goes away.

Billi says that he doesn’t trust Charley and Nicky. They all have a game plan to not get nominated. He tells that to Jonathan, Carole and Gerry.

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