Big Brother UK 8 Day 27

The HM get a short vacation from Charley, but it doesn’t last long enough for some of the HM.

Liam and Nicky’s flirtatious behavior has died down because he was never interested in her.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

It’s time again for the weekly shopping budget task and the HM have to stay up for 60 hours, with 3 hours nap time. After nine hours, they started already getting cranky.

Charley is pissed at BB for putting her into the caravan with Brian. They have to get up, same as the HM.

Ziggy is telling BB that Billi is staring at him and Chanelle. It gets annoying.

Nicky is talking to Ziggy about Liam. She tries to take herself out of a compromising situation with Liam. She is making sure that she doesn’t look bad, because she would definitely want to do something with Liam, but Liam doesn’t want to.

Brian pissed himself in the caravan. He drunk too much cider the night before. It’s kind of funny. Charley is called into the diary room. She is complaining about Brian’s farting. BB informs her because of rule breaking, their holiday is over. Brian is feeling bad because he pissed himself. Brian says that Charley is the girl version of him. He says that he fancies Amanda.

Chanelle asks BB to put Charley back into the caravan. She thinks that Charley isn’t normal. She finds that Charley is always posing. She thinks that Charley is a pathological liar, though she doesn’t use those words.

Billi and Gerry are in the bathroom talking about Charley. The constant name-dropping is getting to Gerry, because he knows it’s just bullshit. Laura comes into the bathroom and adds little to the conversation while she waters the plants.

Charley is totally crazy. I don’t know how someone like that could exist in the real world.

Liam is in the bath. Nicky is nearby. He says that she is very small. Chanelle confirms that. She says that she isn’t going to show her eviction outfit to anyone. Liam says that he is going out in shorts and flip-flops.

Nicky and Ziggy are miming the walks and behavior they had after getting dumped. He runs back into the house and grabs Chanelle. They go into the bathroom and make out. Ziggy says next as Chanelle comes out of the house, and Carole comes running to get her fix of Ziggy. It’s pretty funny.

Liam, Nicky and Ziggy are in the diary room. Nicky says that she found a blind corner in the diary room. Ziggy pretends to lick the toast that Chanelle took from Liam. He tells her that he didn’t lick it. Chanelle goes into the diary room. Billi immediately comes to lie next to Chanelle. Ziggy comes in the bedroom with a new toast. Chanelle says that she doesn’t want it.

Billi wants BB to change the photograph on the wall of him, because it has been damaged by water.

Gerry is asking Amanda what she does when Sam is out with her boyfriend. He tells her that they can’t be always together. Someday, they will have different husbands. Eventually they will have different lives.

The HM get wine and cheese in the bedroom. Ziggy and Chanelle are talking about their relationship. Everything is fine. All of the HM are still in the bedroom. They are playing a game of marry, shag and drop off a cliff. It reveals some interesting things.

The living room has been transformed into a boudoir. They have to stay awake for 60 hours with only 3 hours of sleeping. Liam calls Laura the laziest person in the house and Gerry likes that. Ziggy, Jonathan and Tracey are in the back yard while most of the HM are having pillow fights.

Jonathan and Ziggy don’t think they will win the task. It’s a long time to go without sleep. Tracey says the longest that she has been awake is 4 or 5 days straight.

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