Bureaucracy Will Be the Death of Us

In modern society, there is nothing more frustrating than bureaucracy. It festers and becomes an eight headed hydra. It drives us mad. There is no avoiding it. We will confront it sooner or later in our lives, however blissfully unaware we are of the whole situation.

Like the hydra, once one head gets cut off, two others take its place. It never ceases to amaze me how confoundingly stupid and annoying people can become. In Canada, I remember the functionaries at the Canadian and Quebec government that needed to pretend to work or slow work down.

The young people who wanted to get into the public service only to work their 25 years and take their pension and leave. And this was at the age of 19!

In Taiwan, there is a whole new different breed of bureaucrats that I have never dealt with before, from the visa officials to the labor board officials. They are all maddeningly insane, from my point of view. Set in their ways, please fill in all of our form in triplicate, it’s hard not to loose my temper when dealing with them.

I’ve learnt through trial and error that the best way of dealing with these situations is to stay calm and bite the bullet. I normally have all of my required papers prepared well in advance and most of the time, it goes by very quickly. Nevertheless, I remember the condo meetings from Canada and other such blatantly stupid affairs, so stupid that they gave me incredible headaches just by being there.

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