A Crypto Zoological Convocation Of Rocs

I can’t remember the last time that I slept in past 9 AM. I got up at around at 10 AM, a few hours after the wife left for work.

I’ve continued writing bits and pieces of my story Symria. It’s working out alright. I’m using a Planescape inspired setting. It’s an incredible setting, I’ve always enjoyed it. I remember getting all or most of the books a few years ago.

I’m also creating a variety of interesting crypto zoological specimens for the story, partly inspired by myths and partly inspired by some games. I alternate between writing the story and creating an annex of magical creatures. It’s quite fun.

I find it quite fascinating to read and write about magical creatures. I have a lot of inspiration for this, thanks to my years of playing RPG, reading and a fertile imagination.

After the graduation show at the school, I was the only foreign teacher there in the morning; most of the others had gone out for a drink. I went home, ate something and went to bed. Even my co-teacher was absent. I found that strange. I could see why she told me that having the K2 kids day in and day out could get draining, because it’s always the same kids who are problematic; not eating their food, talking when they are not supposed to, playing around and not understanding what they have to do, even after having it explained 10 times.

I’ve been a bit lax about creating posts for the past few weeks, partly because I have been quite busy. I’ve been going to bed early most of the weekdays, rarely staying up past 11PM on most nights. It lets me get up quite early in the morning.

I’ve been picking up some BBQ beef skewers after coming home from my classes. I found a spot a few minutes away from the apartment. I really like the meat. It’s the first time that I enjoy night market food. I haven’t really had the opportunity to do so frequently in the past.

I met a Frenchman there last night, while waiting for my food to cook. It was interesting talking to him. I talked about bureaucracy. He had been in the country for 3 days. He had just come from Japan.

Fridays are always brutal. I finish teaching at 10 PM. I’m usually up by 6 AM for my morning classes and come back to the apartment for 1PM before teaching again at 5 PM. Like I said before, working nights sucks. At least I’m no longer working on Saturdays. I’ve got a full weekend to look forward to.

The landlord came by yesterday to fix the gas. We have been unable to cook using the stove since we arrived last Sunday. This morning, I made myself some eggs and bacon. It’s been a while since I cooked. It’s another sign that I feel more at home in this apartment than any other we have had in Taiwan.

I’ve started watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I’ve watched the first disc of the first season. It’s pretty good.

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