Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 66

Aleisha is nominated with the rest of the HM because the HM failed the task. Jamie had an interesting dream about his eviction.

Joel comes to the diary room. He tells BB he expected to be nominated. The HM are making a pizza. Zach is in the gym on the weights.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Michelle is talking to Travis. She finds that Zoran is driving her a bit mad. Travis says that Zoran doesn’t have any manners. Zoran walks in and out again. Michelle thinks that Daniela is a bit lazy.

Daniela saves Michelle and nominates Joel. Michelle is talking about nominations and the people who nominate her. Zach, Daniela and Michelle are complaining about Aleisha’s housekeeping skills. She is pretty lazy and doesn’t do any cleaning. Michelle thinks that Billy and Aleisha always grab the better portions during the meals.

The HM talk about true love. It’s all pretty boring and showcases some of their ignorance. They talk about regrets that they have had in their lives. Michelle is again talking to Travis about Aleisha and Zoran. She says they have been driving her insane.

Zoran, Billy and Jamie are talking about Michelle. They reckon that she doesn’t like them at all. Michelle thinks that Billy and Aleisha are talking about nominations. Travis doesn’t think so because BB is pretty strict about that.

Aleisha and Billy are talking about being nominated. Billy doesn’t like being nominated.

Joel thinks that he is nominated and that Michelle will be saved. He is right.

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