Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 67

The weekly task has been put into place while the HM have been asleep. There are numbers on the wall. The HM have to choose a number on the chime. Zoran chooses #1 and gets luxury treatment and food. Billy chooses #2 and becomes Zoran’s slave.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Zoran can invite another HM. He invites Aleisha to see his room. It’s not the rewards room, but another room where the cold room was. Zach comes into the diary room to say that it’s his father’s birthday today. He starts to cry.

Jamie has to weigh all of the HM belongings without any help from the other HM. Anything excess will be confiscated. Michelle is an idiot. She is told by the other HM not to bother him, but she goes into the bedroom and annoying Jamie while he does his job.

Daniela’s moods are tied to her clothes. When she feels down, she puts on something nice or bright and it makes her feel better. She’s worried about loosing a lot of clothes. Jamie gets punished when he hears a suggestion from one of the HM. Zoran drives a golf buggy around the yard. Michelle is still in the bedroom. Jamie gets another warning from BB. Michelle still remains in the diary room.

Travis chooses number four and becomes the house pet. He always has to take a dog bone with him all over the place and crawl on all fours until further notice. It will get tiring very soon.

He took my shoes but left my thongs.
Billy to the HM.

Zoran and Aleisha are bitching about Daniela in the luxury room. Aleisha thinks that the other girls want her gone.

Aleisha chooses the next number. She only has five words to communicate. She chooses yes, no, thanks, help, come. Michelle immediately says that at least we will not hear Aleisha’s screaming. She gets strange looks from the other HM.

She is stuck in a sack in front of the diary room. Michelle enjoys dragging Travis around as a dog. Michelle forces her way into taking #7. She gets to swap with anyone but decides to take the envelope instead. She opens it and is says that she has to leave the BBAU immediately. Zach takes the next number and he has to leave the house immediately. They are being led out of the house by ninjas.

They are led to the other side of the Dreamworld theme park and get up close and personal with tiger cubs. The cubs are very cute and cuddly, even though they are tigers. Then they get a nice dinner.

Michelle comes back and goes crazy. She screams at the HM and shows off the pictures. The HM don’t look pleased. They looked pissed off. Michelle already takes her pick of the pictures without consulting with Zach. He is pit peeved at Michelle. Michelle isn’t really getting on people’s good sides this week. She will definitely be nominated again.

Joel draws the next number and is immune from nominations.

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