Big Brother UK 8 Day 28

It’s another round of nominations and Charley managed to skate by again! The nominees are Billi, Carole, Charley, Nicky and Tracey. However Charley and Billi talked about nominations, their nominations will be invalidated. Therefore, the HM nominated for eviction are Billi, Carole and Tracey.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This means that everyone knows that Billi nominated Charley and Nicky and Charley nominated Billi and Nicky. If they don’t realize, they are grade A stupid. Nicky deduced it right away and she confronts Charley and Billi about it.

Charley tries to defend herself, but it doesn’t really work out.

At 2:27AM on Monday night, the HM failed the sleeping task. They lasted 40 of the 60 hours. The HM will not receive a luxury shopping budget. BB will confiscate all of the food from the task and the previous luxury shopping budget. They tried to pig out on the food, but they still had to give back the remaining food.

Billi is cutting Ziggy’s hair. It’s a strange phenomenon, since they dislike each other quite a lot.

It’s the twin’s birthday. They jumped around in the house very happily.

Amanda: Tracey and Charley
Billi: Nicky and Charley
Brian: Billi and Gerry
Carole: Laura and Nicky
Chanelle: Charley and Billi
Charley: Billi and Chanelle
Gerry: Nicky and Tracey
Jonathan: Tracey and Nicky
Laura: Carole and Ziggy
Liam: Tracey and Billi
Nicky: Billi and Carole
Sam: Billi and Carole
Tracey: Carole and Billi
Ziggy: Billi and Charley

Billi got 8, Carole, Charley, Nicky and Tracey got 4. Laura, Chanelle, Ziggy, Gerry got 1 each. The other HM got none.

Liam and Nicky are in the kitchen. Tracey is at the dining table. She calls Billi Billi-no-mates.
“He’s got some mates, but just not in here!”
Tracey on Billi.

Liam says that Tracey gets on his nerves. Laura wants to call it quits. Ziggy is pissed at some on the HM, especially Tracey. Tracey wants to do the task for the cigarettes.

Laura moans and whinges and wants to stop the task. Billi has an argument with Charley about going to bed at 10 PM or in the afternoon. She screams about nominations. Billi does so as well.

The twins fall asleep and get a few seconds of sleep. The twins and Brian sing dance songs to keep the HM awake.

Brian comes to the diary room complaining about the task.

Charley and Billi get called into the diary room. They talked about nominations. Therefore, their nominations are cancelled.

Billy, Carole and Tracey are nominated.

The HM want to go to bed. There is a vote. The HM voted 8-6 to go to bed. HM are attempting to hide food supplies from BB. As per the task rules, BB will confiscate all of the food from the BB house. Are they stupid? The HM fail the task.

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