Big Brother UK 8 Day 29

The HM are on slop for failing the sleeping task.

Billi and Charley get sent to the happy room. After a few minutes, it’s driving them insane. Jonathan wants to leave the BBUK house.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The HM are slowly waking up and trying to convince themselves that abandoning the task was a good idea. The conversation turns to how rude Tracey is, except on nomination days. It’s the twins’ birthday.

Charley goes to the diary room to complain about Billi and Chanelle. She is entertaining to watch. The men are talking about farts. Gerry farted in Ziggy’s face. The HM are informed that all of the food is confiscated. Laura is the first HM complaining about the lack of food. Gerry is informed that all the food has to be handed in immediately. What will Laura do?

Jonathan and Charley are talking about Charley. They don’t like her. Chanelle asks Ziggy how many women has he slept with. She takes a few guess and he says more than 40, less than 50.

Nicky and Brian are in the diary room asking for more toilet paper. Nicky informs Brian and women do take proper dumps. He asks if Amanda does as well. Nicky says yeah.

Charley is talking to Jonathan. She says that she and Billi are in a lot of trouble.

The nominations are announced. The HM are shocked about the results. The nominees are Billi, Carole and Tracey. Nicky says that Charley or Billi nominated her. Liam adds or both of them.

Laura can’t figure out how the nominations work. Chanelle walks away because Charley wants to talk about the nominations. Charley pounces on Chanelle and Ziggy defends her.

Charley starts really getting inflamed. Ziggy says that he doesn’t give a shit about Charley. She continues screaming like a mad woman. He tells her to go away, but she won’t. She continues screaming. Chanelle gets involved. Nicky drags Charley away to the bedroom.

This is pure gold. Billi says that he will continually nominate Charley. Samanda are in the bedroom putting make-up on Jonathan.

Wow, your nails are officially pinkified!
Samanda to Jonathan.

Ziggy, Gerry and Billi are in the bathroom talking. Ziggy tells Billi that he is suspicious of him. The twins start putting on make-up on Brian. He says that he is only doing it because it is their birthday.

Charley is still going on about things. The HM are informed that they will eating slop for every meal (three times a day) until further notice. They have to eat it. If they don’t, they are in trouble. They can’t eat anybody else’s. Charley fakes puking. What a stupid git!

Ziggy thinks that Charley is faking puking to through out the slop in the toilet. Brian is puking for real. He goes into the diary room to complain. He says that he can’t eat it. He doesn’t like porridge, rice pudding or milk. Laura goes to the bathroom to puke. Real puke or fake puke.

Slop, this is just madness, this is just mental!
Brian to BB.

Charley and Billi are arguing about nominations again. Charley doesn’t really make that much sense. Billi says that he doesn’t like her that is why he nominated her. They continue to attack each other on a personal basis.

Charley lets her nastiness out of the box. Brian is pissed at Charley and Billi for making the house unlivable. Charley is laughing at Brian. He stomps away to the garden. Charley is called to the diary room to calm down.

Laura is wearing Samanda’s short skirt and pants. Liam says he likes that style of skirt. Gerry is in the diary room talking about Charley’s temper and her arguments with all of the house. Gerry says that when Charley is happy, she picks arguments. He says that she has an instinct of picking fights with some people by using their weakness. He says that she isn’t the smartest, but probably the most streetwise. She is the most top class when it comes to theatrical hysteria. His analysis is quite astute.

Ziggy is in the diary room. BB asks if he regrets arguing with Charley. He says that not really, he doesn’t like arguing that much. Jonathan is talking to Brian about the way he told Charley and Billi off eloquently. He says that Brian was magnificent.

Most of the HM are in the living room. They are learning a dance routine to the other HM. Charley is in the bedroom. Billi is talking with BB about Charley. He says that Charley needs a muzzle. Billi hates her, he’s never really hated anyone before. He says that he handled her pretty well. Both Ziggy and Billi say that you can’t imagine what’s it’s like living her until you do. You have to live it to understand it.

Nicky, Laura and Ziggy are sleeping. Chanelle, Samanda, Gerry, Liam, Jonathan and Caroel are in the living room talking about Charley. Chanelle thinks that Charley is very disrespectful. Charley and Billi are in the bathroom. I am surprised that they are actually talking. Mainly, Charley is talking. Charley is just full of shit. Chanelle walks in the bathroom to wash her face and leaves.

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