Big Brother UK 8 Day 30

Samanda (that’s the collective name of the twins, Sam+Amanda) has a psychic test to see if they have any telepathic talents. The twins choose Liam and Nicky to go into their special party with them. All of the food wasn’t what it appeared to be. They had a food fight.

The HM have to compose and perform an original song for BB for their breakfast. They were rewarded with a basic non-slop breakfast.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Brian and Jonathan are talking about Charley. After she finishes whinging, they find her OK. Jonathan has a mild disagreement with Ziggy on the talents of arguing with the other HM. Later, Jonathan and Brian are talking about Jonathan’s situation in the BBUK house and the reasons for why he is in the house.

Nicky is complaining about putting on weight to Brian. Nicky and Billi are talking about the nominations. She is trying to understand how she was saved this week. Billi thinks that she got 4 nominations as did Charley. With one less, she was safe. Nicky is trying to figure out who nominated her. Brian tells her that she should enjoy being here and that she should think about the people who like her in the house, not those who dislike her.

Charley is whinging about Billi again. He is in the living room and comes in the bedroom to argue with her. They start screaming. The twins are grooming themselves, Ziggy and Chanelle are under the covers trying to nap. Chanelle leaves the room.

BB has called Charley and Billi to the diary room. This is when both of them are going into the happy room together to be happy. They get a happy song and some bubbles and seem to be having a bit of fun. After 29 minutes, BB asks them if they are happy. They say yes, but BB continues the music and orders them to participate. They have been let out.

Charley tries to boast about the happy room and lies about champagne. The other HM look despondent.

Jonathan asks BB to leave the house. He says that after talking, he wants to leave. He tells BB that he will leave in the morning, if his mind hasn’t changed. He tells the HM.

Carole is pissed off because of Charley and Billi. She is pissed off because they haven’t been punished. She is upset because Charley hasn’t been punished. Carole is sad that Jonathan is going to go.

Billi and Charley are talking about why Carole went to the diary room. Billi speculates that Carole is pissed off because they weren’t punished. Billi thinks that they people think that they are fighting on purpose.

Samanda get tested on their psychic powers. They have to put on strange helmets. In the diary room, Amanda has to draw a picture and “send” it to Sam. If they win, they will get a belated birthday party. The first test is disregarded because Amanda shouted to Sam in the living room. Amanda is asked to draw a bearded man who is afraid. Amanda starts singing Santa Claus is coming to town. Sam draws Santa Claus. The next image is a pie. Sam drew an apple crumble pie. Amanda asks if they can keep the hats. Amanda asks Sam to guess what number she is thinking about. She guesses 3. They do the same again in reverse and Amanda guesses 7. They do two games of rock paper scissors and they end both games with a draw. They squeal in delight. They are a bit shocked about their new psychic connection.

Gerry is painting his face and head with the slop.

Samanda get to invite two HM to their party. They choose Liam and Nicky. Liam says to be careful with the food. The twins find slop in some of their treats. The birthday cake is corned beef. They start a food fight. Liam inhales some helium and sings a birthday song in a funny voice. Afterwards, he feels a bit sick.

Charley is starting an argument once again with Jonathan and Ziggy. They start ignoring Charley and wish that she left. She gets into the diary room swearing at them.

Ziggy asks to leave. He wants to leave because Charley called him a pervert. She found his weakness and is exploiting it. It’s because he is concerned about the age difference between him and Chanelle. Charley calling him a pervert is just another notch in his coffin.

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