Raining Again

It’s raining like cats and dogs again.

Yesterday, I had forgotten my umbrella, so I borrowed the school’s umbrella. When I arrived at the MRT station, it broke.

I’ve been taking the scooter to the MRT station. It cuts down on two things; the walk and the sweating. Also, I find that I am discovering our new neighborhood easily on the scooter. When I am on foot, I just want to get out of the sweatbox.

Kindergarten is all about bonding with the kids. I like young kids. They’ve been using me as a jungle Jim again. Some of them are very light. Others are a bit heavier than I expected.

I’ll have to take my rain coat under my scooter rain coat and my umbrella.

It’s the graduation ceremony at the kindergarten and I am happy to say that I am not stressed, compared to all the Chinese teachers. It doesn’t really matter to me. All that it means is that I had the kids repeat their parts of the play, practices some songs with them and worked on props while getting paid. I like the sound of that. On top of that, tonight I am on the payroll for the whole night. That is great. At my previous elementary school, things like that weren’t paid.

I’ve been in the new apartment only a few days, since Sunday, and I’ve already started unpacking my books.

Mark made me finish Blue Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson quickly, because he wanted to borrow it. I’ve finished it and gone back to reading Nightwatch by Sergei Lukyanenko. I am pleasantly surprised. I didn’t think that the movie was that great, but the book is pretty good. I look forward to Daywatch.

Mu has recommended the Ender Series by Orson Scott Card. I’ll look into that this week as well. This is the first time since last September that I feel like I’m at home. I won’t be living out of my suitcase anymore.

I like working days. Working nights sucks. I’m glad that it’s not going to happen anymore. I like getting up in the morning. I get up anytime between 4AM to 7AM, depending on what time I went to bed the day before. I get a lot done early in the morning.

I’ve come to realize that a private teaching gig for 90 minutes at 800 NT an hour is bad. I’ve decided not to leave the house unless it’s for a 4 hour teaching block. Any less and it’s not worth it. You loose time traveling, a lot of time and it’s just a hassle. Between you and me, even if the 4 hour teaching block is somewhere between 600 and 700 NT, it’s damn well worth it; a lot more than a 90 minute private teaching gig where you have to travel to get to the student.

I’m going to be working during the summer, I’ve already given my name for the summer camp and my school. We wanted to travel, but I doubt that our schedules will mesh for the summer. My dog is coming soon and we will get the visit of my mother-in-law. That will be a comfort for my wife. She misses her family, but can’t stand them at the same time. It’s a strange duality. I’ve only known my wife to be able to handle consecutive blocks of 2 weeks with her family. Any more and she gets into arguments. Aren’t we all the same with our families?

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