Big Brother UK 8 Day 3

It’s time for Man Friday, and a man is going to enter the BBUK house filled with 11 women.

How are the women going to react to his presence?

Read on to find out.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Big Brother UK 8 Day 2

The BBUK house is filled with women and the bitching is about to start earnestly.

Will there be any men joining them?

Davina hinted that on Friday, a man would enter the BBUK house.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 40

It’s getting nasty in the BBAU house.

The house is divided into two groups: extras and stars. The extras do all the work and the stars practice their parts in a Bollywood musical, directed by Jamie.

Rebecca and Daniela have been milking the bell that they have been given by BB to summon the extras to do anything they want. It’s shone their faults to everyone, and the extras are really getting upset. Andrew, Joel, Travis and a few others don’t have any problems.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Century Rain by Alastair Reynolds

This is the latest book I have finished and it’s an Alastair Reynolds novel.

It was delectable.

His writing is so much more on point and focused than Peter F. Hamilton. But, Peter F. Hamilton has other qualities that I like. Reynolds is focused on his storyline, his main storyline. Hamilton develops an innumerable number of story-lines at the same time, all going towards a similar point in time.

This is a spoiler-less review of Century Rain by Alastair Reynolds. No elements of the ending have been revealed.

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Big Brother UK 8 Day 1

It’s the live launch of the Big Brother UK series!

New HM, new twists!

The UK version of the show has always been interesting to watch, and a lot more entertaining than any other BB show out there. (In English, since I can’t follow the Swedish verison.)

I’m a bit upset that Russel Brand isn’t hosting Big Brother’s Big Mouth anymore, that show will suck now without his humor.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.
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