Month: July 2007

  • Big Brother UK 8 Day 62

    Chanelle left the BBUK house, after a giant fight with Ziggy. It was only 20 minutes later that Sam discovered Chanelle’s goodbye note. Zigs cried in his bed. Kara-Louise and David were chosen to become full HM. Kara-Louise started crying when her name was announced. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

  • Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 100 Finale

    Aleisha and Zach are the only HM remaining and they have 10 hours left in the BBAU house. When the time runs out, the two HM see the ex-HM’s video footage. They are called to the rewards room and get to watch the daily show from there. They are told that the runner-up will win…

  • The Kill Point S01E01-02 (Spike)

    John Leguizamo and Donnie Wahlberg star in The Kill Point, a new series on Spike TV. The show premiered earlier this week. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

  • Bionic Woman Pilot (NBC)

    This pilot was leaked on the 25th of July. This series will premiere on the 26th of September, following Deal or no Deal on NBC. The series is a re-imagining of the original series called The Bionic Woman from 1976-78. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

  • Chuck S01E01 (NBC)

    Chuck is a new series that will premiere on NBC on the 24th of September 2007. It has been picked up for a full season and will air on the same day as the critically acclaimed Heroes. The show was created in part by Josh Schwartz, responsible for the O.C. and produced by McG, another…

  • Pushing Daisies Pilot (ABC)

    This is a new series. The pilot was leaked onto the internet on the 23rd of July 2007. This show was picked up for 13 episodes by ABC. It will premiere in September. This is a comedy, mixed in with some drama. There are some Bangsian elements included in this storyline, as the main character…

  • The Sarah Connor Chronicles S01E01 (Fox)

    The Sarah Connor character was made popular in the Terminator series of movies, with the second one being the most memorable by far. James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton made this a great movie to watch when I was a teenager back in 1991. This was also the first time that we saw the…

  • Eureka S02E03 (Scifi)

    The sheriff is planning a birthday party for Zoe with the help of some of her friends. He sees Alison and asks her for coffee. She declines. There is a storm brewing. Jack’s ex-wife Abby comes by the office. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

  • Big Brother USA 8 S01E11

    Amber has been crying even some more. Dick is paranoid about the extra vote that Kail got, which came from Eric. Why is he so paranoid? Warning: Spoilers ahead.

  • Big Brother USA 8 S01E010

    After thinking it over a bit, Dick decides that it would be better for Mike to go. He talks to Jameka and Dustin as well as Nick to set it up. Warning: Spoilers ahead.