Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 68

The HM are playing with Travis the dog. I find that quite demeaning. Zach is working on Daniela’s sack to make it more comfortable.

Billy is talking to Aleisha and her 5 word vocabulary. Aleisha isn’t happy about not being able to talk, after last week’s shouting. Zach has made a fetching dress or sort of out of the sack.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.
New numbers appear and Daniela takes #1. She gets the place in the luxury room. Daniela invites Michelle, Billy, Jamie and Aleisha into the luxury room. Michelle breaks a BB rule by tasting Daniela’s meal before it was served. BB takes the meals away because of that.

Michelle broke the rules and took the food away from the other HM. I’d have a problem with Michelle as well. She is just an inconsiderate annoying bitch. She is the first one out of the house to the luxury room to eat the good meal.

Zoran and Zach are talking. Zach says that he is intimidated by Zoran. After dinner, it’s time for the weekly meeting. First up, it’s time for Michelle to complain about the shouting in the bedroom. An argument ensues between Zoran, who is chairing the meeting, and Michelle. She shouts him down.

Aleisha tells Michelle that she always shouts over her.

Later she has to take all of the HM each by themselves into the bathroom to have a serious chat.

In the luxury room, Michelle thinks that the romance is over between Billy and Aleisha. Michelle wants to talk to Billy about this situation. She takes him apart and asks him if Aleisha is starting to get annoying to him. Michelle is actually shit-stirring for her own enjoyment. Billy says that everything is fine.

Zach is up next with his session with Aleisha. It’s annoying how some other HM come into the bathroom and listen into the sessions that Aleisha has with the other HM. Aleisha tries to make him feel better.

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