Big Brother UK 8 Day 31 Eviction

The 3rd person evicted from the BBUK house is Billi.

Billi no-mates is coming out!

Hopefully Charley will hear the “Get Charley out chants!”.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Billy was quite shocked. He is surprised by all of the boos he hears. He comes to the outside of the house and gets it from the crowd. They hate him. He tries to take it with a smile. He doesn’t get a lot of cheers. Only boos.

Billy says that he thought Carole would go instead of him. He says that he didn’t know what he had done to get evicted. If he wouldn’t have said anything about nominations, he would still in the house. He thinks that Ziggy, Nicky, Chanelle and Brian nominated him. Billi is surprised to see that Liam nominated him. Sam nominated him. Tracey nominated him as well.

Davina tries to find out what Billi’s gameplan was. He says that he didn’t really have one. He tried to have time with all of the HM. That went out the window when Seány was evicted last week.

He talks about Charley. He says that she is a nightmare to live with. He says that she doesn’t have the maturity to step back and think about things. He says that you can’t leave the room, because she will follow you.

They talk about the love triangle situation. Billi is badmouthing Ziggy to Davina.

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