Big Brother UK 8 Day 31

The HM are informed of the rules of BB and go over some of the statements that have been said in the BBUK house to vote if they are rule breaks.

Ziggy talks about his singing ambitions with Gerry and does a little impromptu demo.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Most of the HM are in the bedroom. Chanelel and Ziggy are on the sofas. Yesterday, Ziggy told BB that he wanted to leave after arguing with Charley and being called a pervert. He says that he would be mad to go.

Ziggy, Jonathan, Gerry and Carole are in the garden. Jonathan told BB that he wanted to go as well. In the end, he wants to leave the house.

The HM have to write and perform a song for BB for a non-slop breakfast in half an hour. They win the task.

This reminds me of having sex.
Because there is someone in between my legs.
Nicky and Liam flirting again.

Jonathan comes to the diary room and flip flops around a bit before deciding that he will think about it for another hour before making his decision to leave or stay in the house. He decides to stay.

BB provides the HM with emergency rations of broth.

Nicky asks Liam if he sleeps around. He says that he doesn’t do it too much anymore.

Laura is working on Billi’s hair. He says that he found out who was talking about him. He says that it’s Ziggy. Billi says that Chanelle keeps coming up to him, not the other way around. Billi learned that Ziggy has been calling him a creep and a weirdo. He says that he will confront him soon, because he has been king of the house for too long.

Tracey is in the diary room. She thinks that Billi will be leaving soon. She thinks that he whispers a lot and stares at the girls a lot. She calls him a sketchy bloke and he thinks that he knows the game very well. She tells BB that he knows that he will go, it’s the game!

Billi and Charley are in the diary room. They are bitching about Ziggy. Billi says that Chanelle keeps hanging around him all the time and that he has no interest in her, which is untrue.

Gerry is talking about his book that he is writing about tricks and tips for women on how to snare men or something along those lines. Gerry warns Liam about Nicky. He says that she is head over heels for him and that she has been hurt in the past, so he should be careful the way he behaves with Nicky.

Brian is called to the diary room for a test. If he answers two questions correctly, he will win emergency rations the group. The first question is about Shakespeare. He has to guess which isn’t a Shakespeare play. Taming of the Shrew and Romeo of Juliet are Shakespeare plays, but Babe in the City was a kid’s movie that Brian loved.

He is asked to complete the lyrics of the YMCA song. The last question is about women and poo. He says that they take rabbit poos. He got all three questions right. The HM get emergency rations. They get hearts and kidneys. Chanelle says that she doesn’t want to eat hearts and kidneys. Chanelle goes into the diary room to complain about the food. She wants some slop, not the hearts and kidneys. She doesn’t like chick peas either or lentils. She is freaking out. What a drama queen. She is having a tantrum.

Billi and Charley are talking about Chanelle and Ziggy. They both dislike those. Billi says that they should take out one of them. They are talking about nominations. They will get into trouble again. They have created an alliance.

The HM are playing a game of truth. The twins say that the fittest man in the house is Liam. The twins ask Liam which girl he fancies. He replies the twins. Gerry is asked how many boys he has slept with. He said between 2 and 3 thousand, including orgies. He said that he doesn’t do any drugs, alcohol or smoking, but he has a lot of sex.

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