Big Brother UK 8 Day 34

There is some flirting or playing going on between Liam and Laura. Nicky is looking on jealously.

Brian, Jonathan and Carole make a dash for the diary room when BB asks the most insightful HM to come. It’s the 7 deadly sins task. Each selected HM will have to face a challenge. If all HM win their challenges, they will receive a luxury shopping budget. Carole chooses Charley as the most wrathful, Laura as the most slothful, Tracey as the most greedy, Ziggy as the most gluttonous, Liam as the most lustful, Amanda as the most prideful, and lastly Nicky as the most envious.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

I’m probably the most insightful person in the country, I reckon.
Brian to the HM.

Carole goes on about washing Laura’s dressing gown.

Liam and Charley are arguing about cigarettes. Charley is upset because Brian is smirking underneath the covers. She starts a shouting match with him.

Carole comes out with the weekly task rules. Carole reads out which HM she choose for the seven deadly sins. Laura has trouble with Carole choice. Nicky isn’t too happy about it either.

Nicky is upset about her choice. Charley calls Brian simple. Nicky says to stop it. Amanda joins them.

The HM are talking about Carole’s choices. Amanda is called to the diary room. The diary room is decorated with slogans of pride. She gets to wear a hot dog suit for the next three days. Amanda thinks that the suit is so cozy, it feels like PJ. She falls down and tells BB that she is stuck. She is able to get back up. She can’t look at any mirrors. She is already getting thrown around and rolled around on the floor by Liam and Ziggy.

Charley was given a bag of jelly beans as part of her birthday party. She asked Carole to hide them for her. Ziggy wants to eat the beans. Carole is upset because she is put between two people’s wishes. Charley gives some out to the other HM but Carole is upset. But she says that it proves her point about gluttony, because Ziggy was the 1st HM out to ask Carole about the beans.

Gerry and Nicky are asleep in the bathroom. Some of the other HM are asleep in the bedroom. Charley is called to the diary room. She can’t swear, raising her voice, she can’t scream. She can show anger in the diary room. She can’t argue with anyone.

Ziggy is called to the diary room. He has to go the room of gluttony. He can’t eat any of the food. The room is filled with his favorite foods. On top of that, Ziggy says that he is starving. A song about food starts. He puts a nappy around his neck. He has to sit and face the food. The other HM can look at Ziggy through a window.

After almost three hours, Chanelle and Samanda sing Ziggy an original song. Charley is still in shock about her task. She is in the bedroom. Nicky is still upset. They can’t take the singing. Charley almost lost it. She swore. She can swear a little bit, but not too much. Ziggy has been in the gluttony room for four hours. Ziggy is allowed to leave. N HM can take any food out of the room, neither can Ziggy.

Nicky, Tracey and Laura are in the bedroom. A moth flies into the room. And Charley starts freaking out. Chanelle comes to the diary room to complain about Laura. Laura calls Chanelle the dumbest person in the house, because she believes that she and Zach will be together on the outside. Laura said this because she learned that Ziggy as going out with a girl before he entered the house, though this wasn’t anything serious.

Chanelle talks to Ziggy about the situation. He finds Laura very rude. Ziggy wants to say something to Laura, but Chanelle tells him not to; it would start another round of arguments.

At 3:30 AM, most of the HM are sleeping. Charley is in the diary room complaining about the task. She finds it hard not to swear. She finds that the other HM are keeping out of her way so that there are no arguments. She says that she isn’t argumentative, but she is the most argumentative person I have ever seen on BB.

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