Big Brother UK 8 Day 35

The nominees are Laura and Chanelle.

Jonathan leaves the BBUK house after learning that his grandmother died.

Liam has to wear S&M outfit for his part of the task. Laura has to run 5 miles in 5 hours. She passed the task. Once again, Ziggy came to the diary room to announce that he wanted to leave.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

BB asks Gerry to return Samanda’s party decorations. Gerry is being told off by Laura for going to bed so late. He complains to it to the guys. Laura is being a bitch. Gerry is being pissed off by her.

I want to kill her!
Gerry about Laura.

Sam is pretty happy about Amanda being in the hot dog suit. Liam is pushing Amanda around and tickling her. Sam always thought that Amanda was vainer than her.

BB puts Tracey’s greed to the test. BB tries bribing Tracey with extra nominations, tobacco and cold hard cash. She refuses 1000£, 2 extra nominations and an unlimited supply of tobacco as long as she is in the BBUK house.

Amanda: Carole and Tracey
Brian: Gerry and Carole
Carole: Laura and Chanelle
Chanelle: Charley and Laura
Charley: Chanelle and Brian
Gerry: Laura and Nicky
Jonathan: Laura and Chanelle
Laura: Ziggy and Chanelle
Liam: Tracey and Charley
Nicky: Ziggy and Gerry
Sam: Carole and Tracey
Tracey: Ziggy and Chanelle
Ziggy: Laura and Charley

Chanelle and Laura receive 5 nominateions each. Carole, Charley, Ziggy and Tracey have 3 nominations. Gerry had 2 nominations. Brian and Nicky received 1 nominations. Samanda, Liam and Jonathan were not nominated

Oh we can’t do anything, we have the kitchen police!
Brian bitching about Carole.

I was wondering why Chanelle was nominated. It turns out that Chanelle is a bit too needy for Ziggy. Carole nominated Chanelle because she was so needy and didn’t contributed enough in the house. Carole also feels that Ziggy is having less fun because she is in the house.

Chanelle is bitching at Ziggy because he isn’t moving the bed. Maybe he isn’t moving the bed because she is being a bitch. In the end, he does mover the bed for Chanelle.

Charley has been a lot quieter this week because of her task, to not swear and not argue for part of the seven deadly sins task. Jonathan is informed that his grandmother died. He received some consolation from the other HM.

He decides to leave ASAP.

Two hours ago, Ziggy, Brian and Liam asked for alcohol. BB delivers some. The guys want to drink by themselves in the diary room. They get Jonathan into the room and drink some wine for Jonathan’s grandmother.

Chanelle tells the other girls and they don’t like the fact that the guys are drinking by themselves. Brian, Liam, Ziggy and Jonathan have drunk all of the alcohol that BB had provided for all of the HM.

When the guys are relaxing and talking about what just happened by the smoking area, Chanelle comes out and starts nagging Ziggy about smoking.

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