Big Brother UK 8 Day 36

The HM passed the seven deadly sin task. However as the only HM not getting a pass, Charley was excluded from the party. The HM needed 4/7 in order to pass.

Most of the HM are asleep. Last night, Jonathan left the house. Liam, Charley and Ziggy are talking about Nicky in the living room. Ziggy says that this is the first time that he’s sat down and talked to Charley. Maybe he should have done it before.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Laura, Charley and Brian are talking about Chanelle because she seems to be loosing it when she talks to Ziggy. Liam is called into the diary room and has to put on a S&M leather outfit. Gerry is enjoying seeing Liam as a slave.

BB calls Nicky to the room of Nicky where she will have to endure her effigy all over the place in order to pass her portion of the task. Nicky was designated as the most prideful by Carole. After 51 minutes, she has to list 30 of her good points to BB. She has trouble with number 18.

Ziggy, Charley and Laura are talking about Chanelle. Laura was shocked by Chanelle’s rant about moving the bed the day before. Chanelle, Gerry and Ziggy are in the bathroom talking how Charley and Laura slagged Chanelle off. Charley starts arguing with Ziggy and Chanelle. She raises her voice. She is going to fail her part of the task.

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