Big Brother UK 8 Day 37

Brian almost pooed his pants and has a frank discussion with Nicky and Laura about the twins; they all believe that the twins have a gameplan. They can’t be that naïve for real.

From the clips, it looks like Ziggy wants Chanelle to leave so that he can be himself.

Carole, Ziggy and Samanda are doing this week’s shopping budget. Laura is in the shower. Chanelle and Gerry are talking about Laura. Nicky and Liam are talking at the smoking area.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Amanda is reading out the shopping list. She thinks that cuscus is cheese. Ziggy and Chanelle make up again for the next few hours. Chanelle is sure that she is going on Friday. Ziggy doesn’t want to make any plans outside of the house; he wants to see what happens.

The HM are talking about the Chanelle, mainly Gerry and Charley. Brian is listening in. Charley is complaining that Chanelle slags her off in the diary room.

The HM are split into pairs and create eviction banners for the nominated HM they support. Gerry wants to compare Laura to an endangered marine animal. Charley asks him if he is sure. Gerry says that it will be so funny.

The HM pass the task and they get access to the caravan. Charley thinks it stinks inside. If we hadn’t seen enough of Charley’s breasts, we now have; she uses the left over black paint from the task to body paint her chest. Carole paints Charley. She is only wearing a thong. Brian comes in to get some images in his head for a wank later on.

Brian decides to hypnotize Gerry. Amanda wants to do it as well. Brian says that he uses self-hypnosis every day and that BB can’t take away his brain. Carole gave Nicky’s chocolate cake to Liam.

Nicky and Charley are in the caravan talking about chocolate cake and swearing. Gerry is called to the diary room. He takes Brian with him. They have to mime and do an animal alphabet.

Nicky, Charley and Tracey are talking about Liam. Nicky doesn’t handle rejection well. She is slagging him off. Charley says that the twins have had more sex than her. Nicky says that Samanda can’t be that naïve. The HM get some booze. They are squabbling over the way that the alcohol is being divided among the HM.

Charley is going on about footballers and continually name dropping. Chanelle and Gerry look bored. Nicky, Tracey and Laura are talking about the nominations. They will get into trouble.

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