Big Brother UK 8 Day 38

Chanelle and Samanda made some cakes; Chanelle plans on giving Davina a cake.

It has been revealed that BBAU will be involved in this week’s eviction show. My guess is that a contestant from the Australian BB show will be introduced into the house. However, the BBUK contestants will probably not know anything about them.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Gerry thinks that Nicky has got a bone to pick with him. He thinks that the girls will pick the men apart. Gerry calls Nicky Sneaky Nicky. Gerry thinks that the public loves Laura. They both believe that Chanelle is going. Ziggy wants her to go so that he can do what he wants to do, whatever that means.

Laura says that she can’t handle staying in the house for another week. Tracey thinks that he will go into the group of smokers. Nicky thinks that the twins do nothing in the house. They all question the validity of Chanelle and Ziggy’s relationship. Nicky thinks that as soon as Chanelle is out of the house, he will go after another girl. Nicky, Tracey ad Laura are trying to explain to Brian that the twins are just a load of hot air.

Sam walks in as they are talking about the twins and all of the other girls leave the caravan. Sam must think that it must be weird. Tracey, Laura and Nicky are concerned that Brian is going to tell Samanda about what they told him before. Tracey thinks he won’t.

Davina tells the audience that the twist will be an Australian brunette.

Laura can’t believe that she is up for nomination. The other HM tell them that they don’t understand why. It’s because they aren’t being honest with her.

Nicky, Brian and Tracey are back in the caravan talking about Samanda. Brian says that he doesn’t fancy them anymore. Chanelle and Gerry are in the bathroom hugging. Gerry thinks that Chanelle will go. Gerry tells Chanelle that she should have a chat with the twins before she leaves the house, so that she can open their eyes.

It looks like the twins will get nominated next week, because a lot of HM are weary of their behaviour.

Chanelle is in the diary room crying because she will miss Zach if she leaves the house. She wants to talk to him with the fish phone. She thinks that Zach will loose interest, because if she leaves, she will in London for a while. But when he leaves, she will be in Leeds with gorgeous girls all around him all the time.

Later in the caravan, Chanelle is nagging Ziggy about his smoking. She is surprised when he leaves, I’m not. Ziggy lays down in his bed. Chanelle is totally smothering him.

The other HM are talking about Chanelle. Chanelle and Ziggy have an argument in the bathroom again. She screams like a madwoman and she wonders why they aren’t getting along together. She most definitely lacks maturity. Chanelle calls Ziggy a pretentious bastard. It’s all because of his smoking. Gerry says that’s why he is single.

Chanelle and Ziggy keep arguing.

She doesn’t understand that he is a grown man and that he will do what he wants. He will smoke if he wants to. Ziggy leaves the bedroom and is pissed at crazy Chanelle.

As comic relief, Brian falls off his chair. Nicky laughs. Charley asks Brian if it makes him uncomfortable all the couple arguing. Liam and Laura are talking about the argument. Liam wants to stay out of it. Brian, Charley and Gerry try to make Chanelle feel better.

Charley starts arguing with Gerry. He tells her to leave Chanelle alone, because she doesn’t even like Chanelle. He tells her it’s not about Charley, she has to leave. He calls her shallow and uneducated. Gerry calls her a snake and a bitch. He tells her to leave her alone. He calls her a liar and a freak. Nicky finds it funny. Nicky whispers to Brian. Ziggy is in the garden. Pure gold.

Charley is in the diary room. Gerry says that he has been very patient with Charley and he isn’t taking it anymore. Laura says that Chanelle and Ziggy didn’t really have a relationship. Nicky says that they all have relationships.

In the garden, the boys are talking about how bitchy Charley is. Liam says that he shouldn’t worry about it too much. Ziggy says that he should leave it as well. Ziggy is pacing around in the garden. He goes into the caravan by himself. Chanelle comes to the caravan to confront Ziggy about the smoking. He just wants her to drop it. He says that he is gutted that she keeps going on about it. He understands why he doubted in being with a person 6 years younger than him.

Laura sits on Liam and gives him an ass massage, meaning that she massages his back with her ass.

Gerry is talking to someone on the fish phone. For real or imaginary? Imaginary. Ziggy and Chanelle have patched things up again.

Nicky and Laura are being punished because they have talked about nominations the night before. They have to wear shackles and are shackled to each other.

The 4th Eviction

Laura is the fourth person evicted from the BBUK house. Ziggy looks gutted because he wanted Chanelle to go. Ziggy has a talk with Chanelle and tells her to be wise, because the same people who nominated her last week will have to live with her for another week. Will Ziggy nominate Chanelle?

Laura is wearing her morning robe and Seány’s coat.

Pauline is an Australian brunette sent into the BBUK house. Since I’ve been following the BBAU series as well, I can say that she hasn’t been a contestant in this year’s or last year’s BBAU.

Davina reveals that today starts fake week and that Pauline is a British actress named Tyler. She will be working secretly for BB. She played in IT Crowd, a sitcom on Channel 4. She will enter the house on Sunday. There will also be a fake eviction, a fake interview and the HM will be sent right back into the house.

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