Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 78 & Eviction

Speculation is rife because BB mentions that winning FNL has never been more important. Joel won FNL and shares his reward with Zoran.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

On Friday Night

Yesterday, Daniela and Billy argued about HM breaking the house rules. Michelle is talking to Travis that she finds Daniela annoying. Daniela is talking to Zach and she says that she misses being appreciated by other people.

Joel and Zoran are talking about Daniela. They are both somewhat weary of her.

Aleisha and Zach are talking about Joel’s win. In the rewards room, Zoran and Joel are talking about nominations. They reveal who they nominated. Zoran said that he never nominated Aleisha, but he did nominate her in week one. Joel nominated her in week 6. Michelle starts to annoy Joel and Zoran in the rewards room. Zoran thinks that she is missing a chromosome.

At 3:09AM, Zoran has fallen asleep after feasting in the rewards room. The HM plan a prank. They move a bed frame near his bed and then move his mattress with him sleeping onto it. They move it back to its normal position. Zoran is now lying upside down. The HM do a little dance.

They moved him next to Zach. Joel comes by to wake him up. They are called to the garden and see a big globe. In order for Live Earth Day, the HM will have to hold the globe above their shoulders until further notice.

Daniela is sleeping, but the HM want her to do her task. She is this week’s laundry attendant. Michelle and Aleisha try to wake her and make her wash things, but she doesn’t. Daniela wakes and walks into the garden. Travis and Billy are finding her very lazy, because her chore takes place only once during the week. Zoran fails to do his task. He had to do all of the beds, and didn’t do so. BB deducts AU7$ from the weekly shopping budget.

Michelle and Aleisha are nagging Daniela to wash their clothes. Daniela says that it isn’t her responsibility to wash their clothes. The other argue that it’s her chore to do. Aleisha and Michelle are in the gym working out and find that Daniela doing a bad job with the laundry.

Aleisha and Zach are called to the newsroom. The other HM are called to the lounge. The results of this week’s task are in. The HM were late and said a lot of ahs and ahems, so instead of winning AU75000$ they win AU31000$. The total prize money is AU401000$.

Daniela and Michelle are arguing once again about the laundry later on Saturday night. Daniela and the girls discuss eating disorders. Later, Daniela wants to put the globe down. Michelle informs the other HM and they say no. Michelle is turning the whole thing into an argument.

The HM are informed that the task was bogus by BB. He doesn’t really say it, but that is what it implies.

Later on, Zach informs Michelle and Aleisha that Daniela didn’t wash their clothes. Michelle wants to get her back. Michelle is going to put onion on her clothes. The other HM don’t want her to do this, but she insists. She scrapes the onion everywhere on Daniela’a clothes. She even puts it on Daniela’s eviction outfit. Joel is watching from the rewards room.

Day 78 Eviction

The HM are informed that Daniela saved herself and nominated Aleisha. Michelle is the next evicted HM. She got 73% of the merged vote. The next person got -8% and after that -19%.

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