Favorite Asian Drinks

I’ve discovered a new drink that I like, it’s called Pokka and it’s Japanese. It’s very lemony and contains bubbles, so it’s very refreshing. From what I gather, it’s full of vitamin C, and you can’t have too little of vitamins. I get it at the Family Mart.

The other drink I really enjoy is Vitamin In by Weider. From this article, I learned that the ‘In’ Jelly products started on the markets back in 1995 and were very popular.

Weider in Jelly, a line of drinkable, gelatin-like drinks marketed under license from the United States’ Weider Nutrition International Inc.

The parent company is Japanese and is called Morinaga. From their website, I see that they have a complete line of In products, including Engergy In, Multivitamin In, Protein In, Fiber In and Multi Mineral In. I’ve only had three of those. I saw a Fiber In in Hong Kong and tried it.

One thing I really like about the In jelly drinks, is that I feel like I’m an astronaut, because I imagine that astronaut food would come in a silver pouch like this. They must make for great camping food rations.

I love this little image I found on their site. Green is Vitamin In, blue is Energy In. Red is Protein In. From the blog, I see that they also come in non-jelly form. They’ve also got this handy index of all of their Jelly products.

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