Big Brother UK 8 Day 41

It’s like my granddaughter got hold of the scissors and had a go of it!
Carole on Gerry’s new haircut, courtesy of Nicky.

Liam and Ziggy have to taste Australian food. What they don’t know is that BB tricked them; all of the foods were assembled using veggies, sausages and tofu.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Chanelle doesn’t want to be with Zach anymore. She is complaining in the diary room.

The arguments are fine. Since I’ve only ever had 3 arguments here, ever.
Charley to BB in the diary room this week.

Pauline just entered the house and Carole is already onto to her. She pretends that she is psychic but it backfires. Charley and Tracey are onto her as well. They think that Pauline knows too much about Charley. Tracey knows Pauline from somewhere.

Yesterday Ziggy and Chanelle broke up. He comes to the diary room to explain. It sounds bogus to me.

Pauline is told that she has to flirt with the men, using her acting skills. She has to flirt with Liam, Ziggy and Brian and play them one against the other.

Pauline is permitted to see Dermot O’Leary for an interview for BBLB. The HM led to believe that Laura has gone to Australia to live in the BBAU house.

BB has been playing an alarm into the house for the last 59 minutes. The HM aren’t getting up. Ziggy is talking to Gerry about Chanelle and their impending break-up.

Later, Chanelle is complaining about Ziggy to Tracey and Nicky. It’s Brian birthday on Tuesday and he wants Jodi Marsh to jump out of a fake cake.

Ziggy and Chanelle are talking in the bedroom. Ziggy wants the bickering to stop. Chanelle accuses Ziggy that he told her that she was in a foul mood the whole evening. Chanelle is having a rant at Ziggy because he has been talking to Charley. The volume starts to become louder and Gerry leaves the bedroom.

They keep getting interrupted by Amanda asking them about food. So they have to pause their row for her and start over again. Chanelle says that she hasn’t done anything. Chanelle thinks that Ziggy fancies Charley.

Chanelle asks Ziggy if he wants to squeeze in between Charley and Samanda in a condescending manner. Ziggy says that their relationship hasn’t worked. He says that he pisses her off. She says that he makes her feel sick.

Amanda is talking to Brian. They talk about Chanelle and Ziggy arguing. Chanelle is in the diary room crying. She is making a fuss. She says she wants to leave.

Ziggy is talking to Tracey and Carole. He says that he doesn’t care about anyone coming into the house. He also says that Chanelle is high-strung. Ziggy avoids Chanelle and goes into the bathroom. She says that she is sorting it out to leave the house. She is making a big scene and starts crying again.

Thaila is in the BBUK house. She will play Pauline, a fake BBAU HM from Australia. She is in the diary room. She has to convince the HM that she is a HM from Australia. Although the HM don’t know it, Thaila is this week’s task. Her accent is pretty good. She has to always call Brian Ryan. BB says it’s just for a laugh. Thaila is psyching herself up to be Pooh for the next week.

Ziggy wants to keep it civil between him and Chanelle. She just walks away. The HM have gathered on the sofa to watch a video message from Laura, who they believe is in the Australian BB house. Chanelle is shocked.

“Pauline” walks into the house, and it’s pandemonium. All of the girls are squealing and Liam is happily checking her out, after having decided that all of the girls aren’t fit enough for him, especially moaning Nicky, who took that refusal badly.

The HM sit down in the living area and Brian points out that Samanda are twins. Introductions are made and Chanelle still can’t believe it. Nicky has her sunglasses on. Pauline has to read out the instructions. Chanelle is upset because she could have gone to Australia. Pauline has private quarters.

Supposedly, Brian is a TV addict and has seen the Australian BB. However, it seems that he doesn’t remember anything. Carole thinks that Pauline is familiar for some reason. Ziggy thinks that she looks very English. Carole is quizzing Pauline about Australia in order to find faults. Pauline joins the other HM outside. They continue to ask her questions.

Chanelle and Gerry have been talking for half an hour in the bathroom. He tells her that the BB is the ultimate job interview and it would be stupid to walk out.

Brian thinks that Pauline is in shock. Nicky remarks that the diary room opens pretty quickly for Pauline. She comes to the diary room to talk to BB. Carole thinks that she’s a fake. She is talking to Tracey. Carole thinks that Pauline is on some kind of secret mission. Carole has it all figured out, it’s just a matter of convincing other HM.

Pauline has to call Brian Ryan and tell the HM that she is a bit psychic. She can tell people’s fortune by looking at their dinner plates during the Australian themed dinner. Charley confides in Pauline that the girls have been bitchy to her.

Ziggy is in the diary room and talks about Pauline. He says that she isn’t his type. He doesn’t want to seem interested because of his situation with Chanelle. Pauline tells the HM that she is psychic.

She makes some sort of bogus prediction about someone’s food. Chanelle looks at her unbelievingly. Her accent is faltering. She makes a prediction about Charley’s food and tells everyone that the person was argumentative. Charley is convinced that Pauline is amazing.

Samanda do a coordinated dance for Pauline. Nicky, Tracey and Charley are talking about Pauline. They believe that someone has told her what to say about Charley.

Liam, Ryan and Ziggy are in the diary room singing a song. Ryan is saying that this will be his best birthday ever.

Liam tells Pooh that she is gorgeous. The HM see Pauline’s private room. Carole is talking to Ryan, Chanelle and Liam about the room. All of the HM have to get out of the room. Charley is sucking up to Pauline. Charley wants to get into the room.

Liam and Tracey are talking about Pauline. Tracey is saying that she knows too much about the HM.

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