Big Brother UK 8 Day 42

It’s time for the fake nominations in this week of fakeness. Charley and Nicky are nominated. One of them will be fake evicted and sent back into the house after their exit interview will have been broadcasted to the HM.

The shopping budget task is Thaila. If the HM are able to discover that she is a fake, they will pass the task. If not, they will fail. Pauline’s next task is to lead the other HM into a chanting trance. She did so successfully.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

BB tells Brian that Pauline is an actress from Swindon. If he keeps it from the other HM, he will win a party for himself for his birthday.

Zigs and Chanelle are back together again.

We see that Thaila is reading on Australia, since she has never been there. She looks strange practicing her facts. Zigs is talking about Chanelle in the diary room. He says that she is a needy girl and he isn’t in the market for that.

Nicky is talking about online dating. She didn’t have a good experience, who does? Charley is complaining about the chalk in the water. Pauline comes out of her private room to see the HM. It’s too bad that she is separate from the other HM; it spoils the experiment.

Carole is once again voicing her doubts about Pauline being Australian. She says that she knows Pauline’s face from somewhere.

Liam is talking to Pauline about her psychic powers. He says that he believes in God and that it’s normal for people to doubt her.

Nicky is talking to Pauline about the age gap in the house.

Amanda: Carole and Nicky
Brian: Tracey and Carole
Carole: Nicky and Tracey
Chanelle: Charley and Nicky
Charley: Chanelle and Gerry
Gerry: Charley and Nicky
Liam: Nicky and Charley
Nicky: Gerry and Ziggy
Sam: Carole and Charley
Tracey: Ziggy and Gerry
Ziggy: Nicky and Charley

Nicky received 6 nominations and Charley received 5 nominations. They will face the public vote for the fake eviction. Carole and Gerry received 3. Tracey and Ziggy received 2. Chanelle received one nomination. Brian, Liam and Samanda received no nominations.

Gerry is talking about Brian’s privates. It’s a strange discussion to have with Pauline and Liam. Ziggy and Pauline are talking about music.

Carole and Ziggy are talking about Pauline. Gerry chases Samanda with a caterpillar. They squeal and run into the bathroom. He finds it hilarious. Brian and Charley are talking in the bedroom. Earlier today, Brian thought that he heard his name shouted outside. Brian had a bit of cry because Charley comforted him.

Pauline has told the HM that she has lived in London because of a relationship and went back to Australia.

Ziggy and Chanelle are talking in the bathroom. Chanelle wants to get back together with Zigs, but he doesn’t.

The HM have a fake shopping task. They have to do their own Australian soap opera Housemates. Charley plays the part of Dingo the dog. Tracey and Charley seem to having a good time. Ziggy wants Charley to hump his leg every 20 seconds. Chanelle looks on jealous. Charley goes out for a smoke. The show they put on is pretty good and funny. Dingo the dog keeps humping people.

I wonder how Charley will take it since Pauline took the spotlight from her. Gerry is talking about Pauline; he likes her. Brian is called into the diary room to be told that Pauline isn’t a real Australian; she’s an actress from Swindon.

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