Big Brother UK 8 Day 43

Sam thinks that there will be a fake eviction this week. The HM get punished for fun, because BB is having a laugh. A plane passes over the HM and it has a banner saying that there is another house.

Pauline is out! Thaila is getting interviewed by Dermot O’Leary.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

They had to order themselves in order of fakeness. The HM placed Pauline at the end of the row. This happened thanks to Brian, who was judged to be the least fake. Due to this, the HM passed the weekly shopping task. They were informed of this by BB.

Today is Brian’s birthday. Brian gets some cider from the HM. Brian is talking to Liam about the phone call he got telling him he would be a HM.

She has to instigate a meditative chanting trance this morning. She goes out of her room and notices that most of the HM are lounging in their beds. The boys are dressed and about. She is able to gather the HM. Brian and Liam think it’s hilarious.

Charley, Tracey and Nicky didn’t join the others outside. Charley doesn’t like not being the center of attention and resents Pauline. Charley is whinging about Pauline. Charley comes outside to join the others.

Brian is told by BB that Pauline is a fake. He comes out of the diary room and Ziggy and Carole greet him. Ziggy says that he has got guilt all over his face. Brian is talking to Pauline about the soap operas that he watches. Liam twirls Samanda around. They squeal in delight.

Brian is acting like he’s on a secret mission talking to BB by himself in the bathroom. Gerry needs some translations, because he doesn’t know what buggers or ring sting. Chanelle explains that buggers are up your nose and ring sting is what you get after anal sex. Gerry should be acquainted with that.

For the other part of today’s task, the HM have to dance to a Kylie Minogue song. Gerry has got his panties tied in a knot because Charley is playing Kylie and he is not. He has an argument with Carole. The HM get dressed up and it isn’t working too well and looks strange. Charley likes being the center of attention again. She didn’t like being Dingo the dog.

The HM are informed of the results of this week’s nominations. Pauline tells Charley that she thinks that Charley is nominated. Nicky thinks so as well.

Nicky, Tracey and Charley are talking about the nominations. Charley has it out for Pauline and thinks that Pauline nominated her, when she has been told that Pauline is exempt from nominations.

Charley is bitching to Nicky about Chanelle. She calls her a plain Jane. They have to order themselves from least fake to most fake. Charley starts arguing with people because she is angry about being nominated. Carole starts ordering the first people. Tracey and Liam are 2 and 3. Brian is number 1. Charley puts herself as number 12. Chanelle is 11. Pauline is 10. Brian is thinking hard about winning the task. He takes Charley from #12 and puts Pauline in the back because they don’t know Pauline that well. As they placed Pauline last, this means that they passed this week’s shopping task. Pauline is called into the diary room. BB tells the HM about the task. He tells them that BB was a fake Australian, but an English actress from Swindon.

Charley starts bitching about Thaila right away. She is critiquing Thaila’s body. Gerry is in the diary room. Gerry thinks that he was really fooled, as well as a few of the other boys. Brian has his party since he didn’t reveal to the HM about Thaila.

Charley and Nicky are in the caravan talking about the nominations. Will they get into trouble.

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