Big Brother UK 8 Day 44

Last night, Nicky and Charley had all of their clothes confiscated for talking about nominations. BB tells them to wear the oversized knickers that BB gave them.

Chanelle knows a lot about the Spanish economic system than the English political one.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The HM are informed that Charley and Nicky were talking about nominations. BB confiscates the hair straighteners.

BB punishes the HM for a fake rule break. BB tells the HM that they know who they are. Charley and Nicky get up. They are missing a third person. Carole wants to send Liam in with Charley and Nicky. Since no one came forward, BB decides to punish everyone.

Amanda, Carole and Brian are gluing back corn onto the cob with superglue as a random punishment dished out by BB.

Gerry is pissed at Charley for breaking the rules. She argues with him for a while. The other HM look at them. She gets louder and louder. He doesn’t care about Charley. It gets quite violent. At one point, Charley throws water at Gerry. Gerry throws water at Charley and she retorts with by drenching Gerry and Liam, who were sitting together during the incident. They are behaving like little children.

Psychological support for the freak of the house.
Gerry about Charley.

Gerry is trying to push her buttons. He goes to fill up another glass. He says that he is fed up her.

Later, Charley and Nicky are in the bedroom. Nicky says that she doesn’t like Gerry, because he just sits there doing nothing. Some of the HM are eating. Carole, Amanda and Brian are still gluing their corn to the cob. Gerry is in the diary room complaining about the violent reactions from Charley. He says that she is a loose cannon in the house. He says that he feels very defensive, because no one will defend him. He talks to BB about the incident. Charley started the violent behavior.

Nicky and Tracey are talking about the twins and their perception about Nicky. Charley says that she will be booed. A plane passes above carrying a banner saying ‘There is another house’. The HM go crazy with joy. BB asks the HM to gather in the caravan. Charley says that she thinks that there will be double evictions. BB locks them in the caravan for now.

Once again, Nicky and Charley are talking about nominations. They will get punished for this of course. They try to guess the number of nominations they received. The HM have received a luxury shopping budget. Once again, Amanda is in the diary room reading out the shopping list.

Liam says that he misses having a girl in his arms. Tracey says that he was supposed to know what it would be like in the house. Liam asks for cuddles from Sam. Ziggy asks for a hug. All Sam wants is to know how much chili they want in their food.

Liam is playing with Amanda in the bedroom, because he yearns for physical contact. Nicky is in the room putting on some make-up. She is angry because she isn’t getting any Liam-attention anymore; in fact, he nominated her. Carole asks Sam if Amanda fancies Liam. Sam says not at all.

Charley is called to the diary room. BB tells her that her behavior was unacceptable, the fact that she threw water into people’s faces. She tries to argue. She gets a formal warning. She tries to reason down her attack on Gerry, but BB is adamant that it is unacceptable in the house. She apologizes. She says that it was a bit of fun, which is untrue, it was done in anger. She can’t believe that she is nominated. She wonders why she was nominated. I can think of about 20 reasons.

BB continues punishing the HM for a fake offense. Gerry, Chanelle and Charley are next. They have to measure a piece of string with a very small ruler.

Next, Liam, Nicky and Sam must watch paint dry. Amanda and Brian are flirting in the bedroom and they are comparing the way that they talk.

Earlier today, all of the HM had to pack up all of their belongings and put them into the storeroom. The storeroom is open for all HM except Nicky and Charley. The girls find it funny, but they won’t find it funny long. Charley is once again talking about nominations.

Charley and Nicky are called into the diary room. They are both complaining and Charley is swearing. BB is going to teach both of the girls a lesson, because they keep talking about the nominations.

They aren’t telling the other HM and they decide to have some fun. Charley starts talking and Nicky tells her to stop talking. Liam thinks that they have gotten in trouble for talking about nominations. Nicky has to take Charley apart from the others a few times for her to shut up. Gerry thinks that it’s a punishment.

Tracey, Ziggy and Amanda have to mow a lawn with nail scissors as a punishment for a fake offense.

Ziggy and Chanelle are back together. Again.

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