Big Brother UK 8 Day 45 Fake Eviction

The HM who got fake evicted is Charley. She gets a lot of boos already. She is getting evicted in her underwear. Or is she? She gets a small coat from one of her HM.

Davina tells the audience that they have to be totally silent during the walk of shame. Davina will ask Charley some questions, this will be broadcasted to the HM. Then she will go back inside the house. Then, the audience can do whatever they want.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.
Charley is freaking out because she has been evicted without proper hair or clothes. She gives herself a last once over in the mirror and does her walk of shame. She is greeted by silence. The HM start to see the feed. Davina tells Charley that BB has asked Davina to a ask Charley some questions. Davina says that she cannot answer any questions.

The first question is about nominations. Charley thinks that Chanelle nominated her. She is shown the nomination footage. Charley is shocked to see that Liam, Amanda, Ziggy, and Chanelle nominated her. She cannot believe that Liam nominated him. She finds that Carole is her favorite HM.

She gets on the least with Chanelle. She mimes Chanelle and Chanelle is embarrassed. Charley thinks that Ziggy is playing the game the most of the HM. She likes all of the boys. Charley thinks that she is the angriest HM. She is shown footage of her angry. She is shocked and embarrassed about her behavior. She is shown her good bits. She still defends her arguing. BB tells her that this week was fake week. She is told about the fake eviction. She is told by BB that she will go back into the house. The HM see this. They are shocked. Now, the crowd is giving her what she deserves. A lot of boos and jeering.

She comes back into the house and immediately starts giving the HM shit about their nominations. She makes the banners and the chants saying “Get Charley Out!” into the crowd loved her.

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