Big Brother USA 8 S01E01

The theme of this year’s BB is rivalry and Alice in Wonderland; the house is strangely constructed with strange dimensions. Some of the HM have their nemesis in the house with them.

Already within the first few minutes, sparks start to fly between Jen, the big breasted nanny and the other girls. Kail is a 38 year old real estate developer.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Jameka is the sole visible minority in the BBUS house. Three other people are in the house at the moment, and the HM aren’t aware of this. The other HM are living upstairs. The three HM are informed about the 11 other HM. For now, they can spy on the other HM. Dustin gay ex-boyfriend is in the house.

The winners of the HoH competition are Kail and Eric. The sequestered HM decide Kail should be HoH. Dick, Joe and Amber are safe from eviction this week. Joe tells everyone that he got gonorrhea from Dustin. Joe destroyed Dustin’s life. Danielle knows that her dad will be coming in.

One of the HM is America’s Player, who will do what the votes tell him to do. It’s Eric.

* * * * *

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